Reviewed by: Amber Wilkinson

In the time it takes you to read this, you could probably have gone out and watched this, all-too-short little film.

Shakespeare said brevity is the soul of wit and in the case of Humans! he'd be spot on.

We're killing the planet, you know, nasty little bugs that we are and this clever animation is here to point that out, oozing creativity in the same way we ooze pollution.

But don't take my word for it, you can watch it online at the Three Legged Legs ("We're like a shark riding a dinosaur throwing snakes that shoot lasers from their eyes," they say) website.

Reviewed on: 10 Oct 2006
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The world gets a nasty case of the humans.

Director: Three Legged Legs

Writer: Three Legged Legs

Starring: n/a

Year: 2006

Runtime: 1 minutes

Country: US


Resfest 2006

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