Homelife:Flying Wonders

Homelife:Flying Wonders


Reviewed by: Angus Wolfe Murray

Another song, another film, another state of confusion.

The animation has an old-fashioned Fifties look, which might have been daring then, going back to the concept of children's art, with a mad scientist's lab effect and a gym where weird and wondrous machines suck energy from body builders, or shave the fur off poodles, while in the lecture theatre a white-coated professor explains the intricasies of slicing kebab and in a night club somewhere a roller skating stripper prepares for her act.

The ballad on the soundtrack sings "Walking on wire", which would be easier than making sense out of this.

Reviewed on: 12 Feb 2004
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The ballad sings of "Walking the wire" and the animation has a Fifties look.

Director: Sophie Choupas

Year: 2003

Runtime: 3 minutes

Country: UK


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