Hard To Swallow

Hard To Swallow


Reviewed by: Dylan Matthew

A finely-tuned piece of writing and direction by Mat Kirby, starring Nicholas Burns from the cult comic wonder that was Nathan Barley in Trashbat days and a crowd of familiar comic faces.

This is a delightful ensemble piece depicting the funniest dinner party from hell since Bringing Up Baby and I suppose that’s one hell of a compliment considering the pedigree. In Howard Hawk’s masterpiece, a leopard was one of the unwelcome guests and here it’s a bear but don’t worry folks this isn’t a made for cheap laughs sketch.

Part parody and part social observation, this is a dysfunctional family of mismatched ‘mates’, lovers and exs whose polite and fragile facade of good friendship falls apart once the booze, drugs and mashed potatoes start to flow. Well-observed clashing social stereotypes turn cringe inducing moments of awkwardness into a hysterical laugh out loud romp. Think London media yahs at Abigail's Party and your half way there.

Reviewed on: 25 Aug 2007
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Grab a seat at the dinner party from hell.

Director: Mat Kirkby

Writer: Mat Kirkby

Starring: Nicholas Burns, Katherine Parkinson, Kerry Godliman, Jimmy Lance, Daisy Haggard

Year: 2007

Runtime: 14 minutes

Country: UK


Sundance 2007

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