Full Employment

Full Employment


Reviewed by: Scott Macdonald

A rather entertaining fly-on-the-wall faux-documentary spoof in the vein of those crappy ITV filler television shows like Airport. The show is about people who volunteer in these troubling economic times - a local government initiative gives care to those experienced in important matters, but are getting on in years.

Miroslav, a volunteer helps Mr. Janssen get ready for a day's work - dressing, helping him get around and doing the laundry. Mr Janssen has a rather essential job to do, and it's rather messy. Needless to say, the special effects crew take up the bulk of the credits. That, and the laundry becomes a very important job. The amusing juxtaposition of where Miro places himself, and how Janssen's important job reveals itself is the comic crux of the movie.

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A one-joke movie, but it's a good joke, nonetheless.

Reviewed on: 17 Jun 2009
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Short film about the future of employment.

Director: Matthias Vogel, Thomas Oberlies

Writer: Thomas Oberlies, Matthias Vogel

Starring: Wilfried Elste, Mark Auerbach, Wolfgang Stegemann, Antje Rau, Martin Baden, Rainer Knepperges, Rainer Gerlach, Fred Yorgk, Andreas Merker, Stefan Bergel

Year: 2008

Runtime: 12 minutes

Country: Germany


EIFF 2009

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