F*ck For Forest

F*ck For Forest


Reviewed by: Amber Wilkinson

Michal Marczak's documentary examines the catchily titled titular group, who basically do what the name of their organisation indicates.

In a bizarre twist on free love and saving the planet, these kids have sex - and encourage everyone they meet to do likewise - capturing the occasions for use on their website. The resultant porn is then sold in order to raise funds to rescue the rainforest. As an idea, it certainly knocks your average street collection into the shade and has raised more than 420,000 euros, which is just shy of £360,000.

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Marczak follows new Norwegian recruit Danny as he heads to Berlin to join the movement, thrusting us into their lives. As you might imagine, they're a fairly out-there bunch, sort of Generation Y hippies, although much of their meanderings are likely to put you in mind of Generation ZZZ.

Marczak doesn't shy away from their copulating campaign - those with tender sensibilities or weak stomachs would do well to avoid. He also captures their alarming tendency to break in to song. "I want to hear the sound of your soul," says Danny. On this evidence, it must be tortured.

Glibness aside, there is something rather sad about seeing these youngsters, some of whom are clearly using this new 'family' to replace an intimacy they are unable to find elsewhere, embracing the movement with quite so much gusto. The trouble is, they're not very interesting company and Marczak's addition of Werner Herzog-style deadpan voice-over to tell us where each of them came from and what they think about life, feels like something of a cheat, his dry observations hovering dangerously close to parody.

The film hits what amounts to its stride when the collective actually head to the forests of Peru and get quite a lot more than they bargained for - though probably not quite as you might expect - from the locals. This is diverting to a point but what you see is largely what you get - there's no real attempt from Marczak to dig deeper into the motivations of the people or the organisation. The film is also overlong at 86 minutes. Those looking for a more rounded take on ideological clashes and communal living might want to dig out a copy of Three Miles North Of Molkom.

Reviewed on: 27 Jun 2013
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A look at an organisation whose members have sex in a bid to save the planet.
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Director: Michał Marczak

Year: 2012

Runtime: 90 minutes

Country: Poland, Germany


Doc/Fest 2013

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