From Coats To Capes

From Coats To Capes


Reviewed by: Angus Wolfe Murray

“I actually thought Superman was a real person until I was seven.”

Swap Santa for Super and this statement would not sound out of place. Some children grow up slow, which for those who believe in the imagination as a protector of innocence that’s no bad thing.

Mark Millar grew up in Coatbridge, one of six children in a Catholic household. At school, he joined a secret society that read comics, considered in those days to be uncool. Now, he writes for Marvel and has a host of fans, including Jonathan Ross (interviewed here), for his edgy, tough tales, such as Savior and Wolverine.

“The last thing I want to be is famous,” he says. “If I wanted to be famous, I would go out and shoot somebody.”

As well as Ross waxing lyrical about Mark’s talents, his brother Jim eloquently recalls moments from their childhood. With the use of multiple screens and other technical tricks, this makes for a quietly effective footnote of a documentary.

Reviewed on: 15 Apr 2007
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Documentary on a cutting edge Scottish comic book writer. Showing at the EIFF as part of the Scottish Documentary strand.

Starring: Mark Millar

Year: 2007

Runtime: 10 minutes

Country: UK


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