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Reviewed by: Amber Wilkinson

"The shorts are all by emerging filmmakers who are all working on their first or second features" | Photo: Courtesy of Cannes Directors' Fortnight

This Cannes showcase of short films has been running since 2013 - with a Covid hiatus - with a different country focus in each edition. This year the selected country is the Philippines and eight filmmakers have been paired up - four from within the Philippines each working with someone from outside their homeland.

The shorts are all by emerging filmmakers who are all working on their first or second features.

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This year’s Directors’ Factory features, click the titles below to read the full reviews:

  • Cold Cut - A student waiting for a talent competition finds things change after a strange encounter with a butcher
  • Silig - A terminally ill woman returns to her hometown on a mission
  • Nightbirds - The mystical meets the everyday as a bird god helps a woman
  • Walay Balay - A conflict-displaced woman and her daughter consider what ‘home’ means to them

The upcoming features to look out for from the directors are:

  • Hum by Don Josephus Raphael Eblahan - Esther, a mountain guide, searches for her husband, who banished himself to live among the beasts.

  • Amoeba by Siyou Tan - In a repressive city-state, four classmates at an all-girls school rebel by forming a triad gang.

  • Ria by Alvin Belarmino - Manila. One week prior to the demolition of the sole surviving home in a land-grabbed neighbourhood, Ria, a young woman,tries to save her punk commune.
  • Romdoul, The Evening Fragrance by Lomorpich Rithy aka YoKi - A mother and daughter, separated for many years, reunite in astrange series of events and begin to confront the troubles of their past.
  • Karaoke Dreaming by Maria Estela Paiso - At the company's New Year’s eve party, a new employe etravels through her coworkers’ memories via a sentient karaoke machine.
  • To Kill The One You Love by Ashok Vish - The myth of Ayyappan, a Hindu deity born to two male gods,provides the inspiration for the volatile obsession that develops between DEV, a middle-aged rickshaw driver, and MADHU, an affluent young artist
  • Heaven Help Us by Eve Baswel - Driven to fulfill Imelda Marcos’ vanity project, construction workers toil tirelessly on the Manila Film Center until disaster strikes- trapping them alive beneath the concrete ruins. As theMarcos regime continue to bury them, their fight for survival uncovers a nation's shameful secrets and dark truths
  • Kaali, Depth Of Darkness by Gogularaajan Rajendran - 1966, a palm oil plantation bordering a lush forest on CareyIsland, Malaysia. Kali, a young plantation worker once saved by the forest as a child finally gets pregnant after years of trying.However, things take a dark turn when she ignores the forest’s plea call for help in return

Reviewed on: 16 May 2024
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Showcase of short films by emerging filmmakers set in the Philippines.

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Year: 2024

Runtime: 60 minutes

Country: Philippines


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