Devil's Due


Reviewed by: Angus Wolfe Murray

Allison Miller in Devil's Due
"The performances are brave; the script is not"

Rosemary had her baby in 1968. Looks like Big Daddy's back on the job. Of course, Satan never sleeps. We know that. But with whom?

Her name is Samantha (Allison Miller). She's sweet, a bit boring and vegetarian. Also, she's on honeymoon and the pill. New hubby Zach (Zach Gilford) is one of those must-record-everything-for-posterity kinda guys - i.e even more boring than Sam.

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One evening in the Dominican Republic they go to a dodgy club and - whoopsie! - can't remember a thing. Must have been that voodoo hoodoo beat, or those weird native cooch coochies who appeared out of smokey darkness, or was it the homebrew?

Anyway, Sam's preggers within days and not long afterwards - months, actually - she's gutting slaughtered deer for dins and scoffing raw meat like an Andes plane crash survivor. Also, she's changed in other ways - violent ways.

The dog starts acting funny and their local priest bleeds out during Communion while random teenagers witness telekinetic powers with terminal results.

Before anyone talks of same-old-same-old they should know that this is a found footage wobbly cam Blair Witch yawnascope production, which carries a certificate from the Been There Done That corporation.

The performances are brave; the script is not. You wait for what seems like an eternity for something to happen and when it doesn't you take the view that Paranormal Activity 12 will be better than this.

One final question: why doesn't Sexy Badass (stage name Bee El Zee Bub) keep it in his pants and save us the soul bruising experience of watching a nice girl like Sam turn into Carrie's evil sister?

Reviewed on: 01 Aug 2014
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Pregnancy spells something sinister for a newly wed couple.
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