Reviewed by: Angus Wolfe Murray

"Question: how can attractive women fall for someone as dull and useless as Clement? Answer: who knows."

The Bumbler is a classic comedy character. He's not a sex symbol and he's not a brain surgeon. He's a goodie because he hasn't the ambition to be a baddie. He wants to have a girlfriend but keeps knocking into the furniture and tying his tongue into knots. He is likable, no threat, intellectually out to lunch and the last person you want on a desert island.

Clement (writer/director Emmanuel Mouret) fits the bill. He is a primary schoolteacher with a crush on actress Alicia Bardery (Virginie Efira). He goes to all her plays and watches all her movies. You won't believe what happens next. They meet and she falls in love with him and he moves into her apartment. Apparently she went to a fortune teller who predicted she would shack up with someone who worked with children. Could it be this simple?

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Meanwhile there is Caprice (Anais Demonstyier). She keeps bumping into Clement at the theatre and imagines she fancies him rotten. She is an actress as well, but just starting out, performing in experimental works with mates. Unlike the sophisticated and elegant Bardery, she is a bundle of energy, probably insecure, but so alive it's electric.

Question: how can these attractive women fall for someone as dull and useless as Clement? Answer: who knows...

The film is impaled upon this dilemma.

Reviewed on: 03 Dec 2016
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A stupid man becomes embroiled in an unlikely love triangle.


French 2016

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