Reviewed by: Amber Wilkinson

Helen (Amanda Root) lives alone in her neat, cream-and-beige home, curling up in her plain leather armchair each night to eat a low-fat TV dinner and swig a glass of Chardonnay. It's sterile and she keeps herself to herself - no socialising with the chap nextdoor (Richard Hope) but, hey, that's what she likes. Or at least she thinks it is. But you shouldn't let the grass grow under your feet... especially when it is growing out of your living room carpet.

It's not often that magic realism creeps into short film but Martin Gent, with the aid of a great script from Emma Scott Robinson uses it to great effect here.

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The growing jungle in her living room mirrors the beginnings of growth elsewhere and is cleverly captured, never once losing sight of the humourous side of humanity. Let's hope these two go on to share more of their imagination with us in many films to come.

Reviewed on: 03 Apr 2005
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Grass - and romance - grow.

Director: Martin Gent

Writer: Emma Scott Robinson

Starring: Amanda Root, Richard Hope

Year: 2004

Runtime: 14 minutes

Country: UK


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