Billy's Day Out

Billy's Day Out


Reviewed by: Amber Wilkinson

Life is normal. Dave (Lee Ross) and Carol (Jo McInnes) have two kids. Baby Billy is kitted out in his shorts and sister Susie seems quite excited too. They sort out a picnic and pick up Grandma for a happy day of family bonding.

Or is it?

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This film is as clever as spin doctor. Watch it and feel your preconceptions slide like snakes into a pit. At six minutes, I hesitate to say more at the risk of spoiling this excellent drama. Neatly shot and acted, it is impressive and accomplished. Makes you wonder what the children would think.

Reviewed on: 01 Nov 2004
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A baby spends an unusual day out with his family.

Director: Iain B MacDonald

Writer: Antony Mann

Starring: Lee Ross, Jo McInnes, Steph Bramwell, Terry Smith, Sophie Parker, Ryan Southy, Jo Kindred

Year: 2003

Runtime: 6 minutes

Country: UK


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