A Supermarket Love Song

A Supermarket Love Song


Reviewed by: Amber Wilkinson

Described in the press notes as "a love story in a minor key," this will certainly strike a chord with fans of character drama. Whether they like the key is a matter of debate.

Bernard Gallagher stars as an elderly Yorkshireman, living in sheltered accommodation, who is visited by a teenage girl (Natalia Rush) as part of her community service. They pay a trip to the supermarket, discovering aspects about one another - and themselves - along the way.

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The characterisation works well and both actors are suited to the roles, but just as you think the film is following an enjoyable offbeat tack, a more sinister element comes into play, which may give you pause.

While it is easy to be taken by the relationship between the older man and younger girl, what happens towards the end strikes a discord, which, at best, can be described as unsettling. It certainly sparked a debate in this house when we watched it, but the jury was out as to what writer Jack Thorne was trying to say.

Ultimately, this becomes more a song of lust, than of love.

Reviewed on: 17 Jan 2006
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An old man is taken shopping by a young girl from Community Services.

Director: Daniel Outram

Writer: Jack Thorne

Starring: Natalia Rush, Bernard Gallagher

Year: 2005

Runtime: 13 minutes

Country: UK


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