A Bus Ride And Flowers In Her Hair

A Bus Ride And Flowers In Her Hair


Reviewed by: Amber Wilkinson

Some days are so hot they get fuzzy about the edges.

Asaf Agranat recognises this and uses it to excellent effect in this distinctive animation, which won the Scottish BAFTA best animation award last year.

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A boy sits on a bus at the heat of summer. Playing with a fly in a jar and a dog, he soaks up the heat and his surroundings.

By taking the boy's viewpoint, Agranat gets to have plenty of fun, playing around with reality and its border with the child's imagination.

Complimenting the boy's fuzzy edges is an exquisite level of detail, from petals tumbling to the floor, to the sound of the boy's hand as it taps against the glass jar where he keeps the fly.

Utterly evocative, the picture is so well-drawn you can almost smell the sunflowers as the bus trundles by.

Reviewed on: 02 Nov 2006
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A boy rides a bus on a sultry day.

Director: Asaf Agranat

Writer: Asaf Agranat

Year: 2005

Runtime: 9 minutes

Country: UK


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