3 Minute Meltdown


Reviewed by: Angus Wolfe Murray

Where would you eat ice cream in Dundee? Eveline Nicolette's theme for a short film is so nutty, it's charming.

What's your favourite? Vanilla? Strawberry? Chocolate? With, or without, a flake? The combinations are the stuff of dreams.

There is a little shop in Dundee that makes it own and has done since 1800-and-something. When your granny was a girl, it was there and when your granny's granny was there, it was there. This ice cream has form. You don't knock it; you lick it.

People come from miles around. The word crosses continents. Now Eveline has arrived with her camera to discover where customers take their one-scoop cones. To eat them in the street is what you do with mass produced choc ices on a stick, not these beauties.

The film becomes a religious experience.

Soon there will be pilgrimages. St Eveline will be remembered as the first Dundonian missionary-of-the-beautiful-ice.

Reviewed on: 03 May 2004
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Where would you eat ice cream in Dundee?

Director: Eveline Nicolette

Year: 2004

Runtime: 3 minutes

Country: UK


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