Reviewed by: Amber Wilkinson

How nine minutes could change your life.

Khalid, a young Dutch Moroccan, is lying on his bed listening to angry hip-hop. He comes to a decision and, despite the yelled lamentations of his family, sets out to put his idea into action. All the while, you watch the clock ticking from 11.50 to 11.59.

The direction is stylish enough. Bleached out scenes draw the viewer in, although they border on the pedestrian at times, making the audience wait for the pay off. This would be fine if it weren't for one small problem.

It relies on the acceptance of prejudice. What if it's not there? The answer is simple. Unless you are guilty as charged the ending won't work.

Thankfully, the world isn't as black-and-white as writer/director Johan Kramer would have us believe. I'd be interested to see him tackle the grey areas in which most of us live.

Reviewed on: 01 Oct 2005
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A Dutch Moroccan, angry hip-hop and prejudice.

Director: Johan Kramer

Writer: Johan Kramer

Starring: Masdom Dohar, Nezha Aberkan, Mehdi Holoti, Caro Lensse

Year: 2005

Runtime: 9 minutes

Country: Holland


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