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Festival Scope's Sala Web returns for 2023

by Amber Wilkinson

Short Story is among the films screening on Salaweb during Venice Film Festival
Short Story is among the films screening on Salaweb during Venice Film Festival Photo: Courtesy of San Sebastian Film Festival

Venice Film Festival's successful collaboration with Festival Scope continues this year as the platform's Sala Web returns, offering the opportunity to watch eight short films from the Horizons/Orizzonti section free of charge worldwide.

Viewing the films is simple. Viewers just need to register for with each title available to stream starting at 6pm (Italian time, which is one hour ahead of the UK) on the day of the official premiere of the film on the Lido and until September 30, for a limited number of viewers.

The shorts in the line-up are:

Salaweb logo 2023
Salaweb logo 2023
  • A Short Trip by Erenik Beqiri, available September 7 - A young Albanian couple, arrive in Marseille on a crucial mission. As they face a fateful appointment and a room full of waiting men, time is of the essence.
  • Dive by Aldo Iuliano, available September 7 - Two teenagers get to an isolated beach to forget the world around them and spend time together. A dive into an uncertain future.
  • Sentimental Stories by Xandra Popescu, available September 7 (Only in Italy) - An almost deserted diner in the middle of the port. The owner and her niece talk about the future.
  • In The Shadow Of The Cypress (Dar Saaye Sarv) by Hossein Molayemi, Shirin Sohani, available September 7 - A father and a daughter who are struggling to connect find their lives changed forever by an unforeseen event. Animation.
  • Area Boy by Iggy London, available September 8 (Only in Italy) - An aimless teenager tries to escape the
  • bleakness of life and navigate questions of self-identity.
  • Bogota Story by Esteban Pedraza, available September 8 - A young mother in Bogotá, receives an internship opportunity in the USA and the news comes as a big surprise to her husband, Alejandro, who is tied down to his responsibilities.
  • Short Story (Duan Pian Gushi) by Lang Wu, available September 8 - A husband dreams that his wife leaves him, while he tries to save the relationship. Once awake, he finds himself in front of their unchanged life, without understanding whether what has just happened is reality or just a dream.
  • If The Sun Drowned Into An Ocean Of Clouds by Wissam Charaf, available September 8 - Beirut, Lebanon. On the waterfront’s construction site, security agent Raed must prevent passing-by walkers from accessing the seaside. He has a series of peculiar encounters.

Three Biennale features will also be available to stream at a cost of 7.90 euros for a three-month subscription

Festival Scope logo
Festival Scope logo
For further details about the films and to watch, visit Festival Scope's dedicated Sala Web. For more details about the Biennale, visit the official site

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