Venice Film Festival 2023

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Oceans Are The Real Continents Oceans Are The Real Continents
Oceans Are The Real Continents and Humanist Vampire Seeking Consenting Suicidal Person
Backstage (Country: Morocco, France, Belgium, Qatar; Year: 2023; Director: Afef Ben Mahmoud, Khalil Benkirane; Writer: Afef Ben Mahmoud; Stars: Saleh Bakri, Afef Ben Mahmoud, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Abdallah Badis)
A dance company finds themselves on a revealing nighttime trip through the forest after an onstage incident.
Coup! (Country: US; Year: 2023; Director: Joseph Schuman, Austin Stark; Writer: Joseph Schuman, Austin Stark; Stars: Peter Sarsgaard, Billy Magnussen, Sarah Gadon, Skye P. Marshall, Faran Tahir, Kristine Nielsen, Fisher Stevens, Callum Vinson, John Posey, Julia Ford Collier, Willa Dunn, Mike Liscio, Robert John Gallagher, Ali Wills)
Sheltering from the 1918 Spanish Flu at their seaside estate, a Progressive journalist and his socialite wife take in a mysterious grifter as a private cook... and soon find themselves facing mutiny.
Following The Sound (Kanata No Uta) (Country: Japan; Year: 2023; Director: Kyoshi Sugita)
Relationship drama.
Foremost By Night (Sobre Todo De Noche) (Country: Spain, Portugal, France; Year: 2023; Director: Víctor Iriarte; Writer: Isa Campo, Víctor Iriarte, Andrea Queralt; Stars: Lola Dueñas, Manuel Egozkue, Ana Torrent, María Vázquez)
When Vera was young, she wasn’t able to take care of her son and had to give him up for adoption. Years later, when she tried to find him, the institutions told her that her file did not exist. She has continued to look for him ever since. When Cora was young, her doctor told her that she could not have children and that only by adopting could she start a family. Cora has dedicated her life to teaching piano lessons and caring for her adopted son, Egoz, about to turn 18. Now, the paths of these three characters are about to cross.
Humanist Vampire Seeking Consenting Suicidal Person (Vampire Humaniste Cherche Suicidaire Consentant) (Country: Canada; Year: 2023; Director: Ariane Louis-Seize; Writer: Christine Doyon, Ariane Louis-Seize; Stars: Sara Montpetit, Félix-Antoine Bénard, Steve Laplante, Sophie Cadieux, Noémie O'Farrell, Lilas-Rose Cantin, Arnaud Vachon, Marie Brassard, Madeleine Péloquin, Gabriel-Antoine Roy, Isabella Villalba, Patrick Hivon, Marc Beaupré, Micheline Bernard, Sylvie Lemay)
Sasha is a young vampire with a serious problem: she’s too sensitive to kill. When her exasperated parents cut off her blood supply, Sasha’s life is in jeopardy. Luckily, she a lonely teenager with suicidal tendencies. But their friendly agreement soon becomes a nocturnal quest.
Melk Melk
Melk and Through The Night
Melk (Milk) (Country: Netherlands; Year: 2023; Director: Stefanie Kolk; Writer: Stefanie Kolk, Nena van Driel; Stars: Frieda Barnhard, Jules Elting, Wimie Wilhelm, Marleen Scholten, Arnoud Bos, Hans Ligtvoet, Murat Toker, Aleksej Ovsiannikov, Dolores Leeuwin, Ruth Sahertian, Christophe Lowie, Monique Heijmink-Wiegman, Tanja Rozeboom, Charles Verhoeff, Maren Jebbink)
A mum who has lost her baby tries to work through her grief as she attempts to donate her milk.
Oceans Are The Real Continents (Los Oceanos son los verdaderos Continentes) (Year: 2019; Director: Tommaso Santambrogio; Writer: Tommaso Santambrogio; Stars: Alexander Diego, Edith Ybarra Clara, Frank Ernesto Lam, Alain Alain Alfonso González, Milagros Llanes Martínez)
A trio of stories unfold against a backdrop of Cuba.
Sidonie In Japan (Sidonie En Japon) (Country: Switzerland, Japan, Germany, France; Year: 2023; Director: Élise Girard; Writer: Maud Ameline, Élise Girard; Stars: Isabelle Huppert, August Diehl, Tsuyoshi Ihara)
Sidonie Perceval, an established French writer, is mourning her deceased husband. Invited to Japan for the re-release of her first book, she is welcomed by her local editor who takes her to Kyot. As they travel together, she slowly opens up to him. But the ghost of her husband follows her.
Snow In Midsummer (Wu Yue Xe) (Country: Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan; Year: 2023; Director: Keat Aun Chong; Writer: Keat Aun Chong; Stars: Fang Wan, Pearlly Chua, Jen-Shuo Cheng, Pauline Tan, Peter Yu, Alvin Wong, Wei Hern Teoh, Koet Yenn Lim, Zi Ting Lee, Kok Hin Kuan, Siew Chin Teo, Lai Kan Loh)
For 49 years, Ah Eng and Dou E were trapped in the "513" timeline. In 1969, post-election tensions gripped Kuala Lumpur when the Cantonese street opera "Snow in June" showcased Dou E, portrayed by the troupe master. Amid a riot, Ah Eng and her mother sought refuge with the troupe, losing contact with her brother and father. In 2018, Ah Eng returned to Kuala Lumpur and unexpectedly encountered "Dou E" at the cemetery.
The Summer With Carmen (Country: Greece; Year: 2023; Director: Zacharias Mavroeidis; Writer: Fondas Chalatsis, Zacharias Mavroeidis)
While enjoying a day at Athens’ queer beach, 30-something Demosthenes offers to help his bestie and aspiring filmmaker Nikitas in drafting an idea for his feature debut, inspired by the events surrounding a certain dog named Carmen.
Through The Night (Quiter La Nuit) (Country: France; Year: 2023; Director: Delphine Girard; Writer: Delphine Girard; Stars: Selma Alaoui, Guillaume Duhesme, Veerle Baetens, Anne Dorval, Adèle Wismes)
The lives of three people are explored after a rape.

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