Tribeca Festival 2024

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Adult Best Friends (Country: US; Year: 2024; Director: Delaney Buffett; Writer: Delaney Buffett, Katie Corwin; Stars: Zachary Quinto, Mason Gooding, Benjamin Norris, Casey Wilson, Heather Mazur, Alexander Hodge, Cazzie David, Michael Rowland, Carmen Christopher, Miki Ishikawa, Holly Bonney, Owen Thiele, Keeley Karsten, Jolie Natalia Handler, Delaney Buffett)
Inseparable since childhood, levelheaded Katie takes her codependent best friend Delaney on a girls’ trip to break the news that she is getting married. Things do not go as planned.
Bitterroot (Country: US; Year: 2024; Director: Vera Brunner-Sung; Writer: Vera Brunner-Sung; Stars: Karen Jean Olds, Wa Yang, Gia Vang, April Charlo, Qu Kue, Zac Thomas, Moua Thao, Yer Moua, Sadie Xiong, Mai Lee Vang, Tyler Potter, Desirae Thao, Dacota Thao, Daemyn Thao)
Reeling from a failed marriage and in need of comfort and a new perspective, a middle aged man returns home to take care of his aging mother within the deceptively tranquil landscape of rural Montana.
The French Italian (Country: US; Year: 2024; Director: Rachel Wolther; Writer: Rachel Wolther)
A prank on an annoying neighbor escalates to ridiculous heights.
Griffin In Summer (Country: US; Year: 2024; Director: Nicholas Colia; Writer: Nicholas Colia; Stars: Everett Blunck, Melanie Lynskey, Owen Teague, Kathryn Newton, Abby Ryder Fortson, Michael Esper, Johanna Colón, Gabriel J. Perez, Gordon Rocks, Ian Hernandez-Oropeza, Xavier Wolf, Alivia Bellamy, Aurora Richards, Francine Berk)
Coming-of-age comedy sees a 14-year-old wannabe playwright becomes enamored with a local handyman over the course of summer vacation.
Jazzy (Country: US; Year: 2024; Director: Morrisa Maltz; Writer: Andrew Hajek, Morrisa Maltz, Lainey Shangreaux, Vanara Taing; Stars: Lily Gladstone, Raymond Lee, Richard Ray Whitman, Jasmine Shangreaux, Syriah Fool Head Means)
Young Jazzy navigates the challenges of growing up on the Oglala Lakota reservation in South Dakota.
The Knife (Country: US; Year: 2024; Director: Nnamdi Asomugha; Writer: Nnamdi Asomugha, Mark Duplass; Stars: Nnamdi Asomugha, Aja Naomi King, Melissa Leo, Aiden Gabrielle Price, Amari Alexis Price, Manny Jacinto, Shannon Corbeil, Justin Dean)
After the mysterious appearance of a stranger in their home, a young Black family must deal with the fallout of their choices, big and small, as a steadfast detective tries to crack the case over the course of one fateful night.
The Other, Gold (Country: US; Year: 2024; Director: David Lassiter, Sharaé Nikai; Writer: Sharaé Nikai; Stars: Sharaé Nikai, Amin Joseph, Krista Marie Yu, Billy 'Sly' Williams, Crystal Lee Brown, Koby Kumi-Diaka, Rob Chester Smith, Tiwana Floyd, David Lassiter, Cedric D Jones, LaQuan Ford, Harold Daniels III, Sydney Lavette, Matthew A Johnson)
At the end of the day, sometimes an old friend and a bowl of ramen are as good as gold. For one Black TV writer, this is just the beginning as she battles grief and ‘pandemic’ isolation in Little Tokyo while seeking to rekindle her bond with a former BFF.
Rent Free (Country: US; Year: 2024; Director: Fernando Andrés; Writer: Fernando Andrés, Tyler Rugh; Stars: Jacob Roberts, David Treviño, Zeke Goodman, Sarah J. Bartholomew, Temple Baker, Annabel O'Hagan, Jeff Kardesch, Frank Mosley, Kristin Slaysman, Bill Wise, Neal Mulani, Carson Barwinkel, Megan Bitchell, Macon Blair, Lorelei Linklater)
This freewheeling comedy follows down-on-their-luck Gen Z best friends Ben and Jordan as they mooch off of their friends’ and acquaintances’ hospitality, all while grappling with love, heartbreak and awkward flings.
Sacramento (Country: US; Year: 2024; Director: Michael Angarano; Writer: Michael Angarano, Christopher Nicholas Smith; Stars: Kristen Stewart, Maya Erskine, Michael Angarano, Rosalind Chao, Michael Cera, A.J. Mendez, Iman Karram, Mike Hartsfield, Roma Lucero, Marcus Escobar, Tara R Gokey, Iman Karam, Stephanie Jackson, Sebastian Alexander, Michael Justin Gonzales)
When free-spirited Ricky suddenly reappears in father-to-be Glenn’s life, the two former best friends embark on a spontaneous road trip from LA to Sacramento
Vulcanizadora (Country: US; Year: 2024; Director: Joel Potrykus; Writer: Joel Potrykus; Stars: Joel Potrykus, Joshua Burge, Sherryl Despres, Bill Vincent, Michael Saunders, Melissa Blanchard, Solo Potrykus, G. Foster II, Scott Ayotte, Dennis Grantz, Jaz Edwards)
Two friends embark on a disturbing mission in the Michigan woods. When their plan unravels, one must face the surreal and unsettling consequences back home.

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