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Dior And I Dior And I
Dior And I and Virunga
1971 (Country: US; Year: 2013; Director: Johanna Hamilton)
Forty years before WikiLeaks and the NSA scandal, there was Media, Pennsylvania. In 1971, eight activists plotted an intricate break-in to the local FBI offices to leak stolen documents and expose the illegal surveillance of ordinary Americans in an era of anti-war activism. The perpetrators reveal themselves for the first time, reflecting on their actions and raising broader questions surrounding security leaks in activism today.
World premiere
Ballet 422 (Country: US; Year: 2014; Director: Jody Lee Lipes; Stars: Tiler Peck, Sterling Hyltin, Amar Ramasar, Justin Peck)
Documentary offering a rare peek into the hidden world of professional ballet. The film shadows Justin Peck, wunderkind choreographer of the New York City Ballet, as he undertakes the Herculean task of creating the company’s 422nd original piece.
World premiere
Dior And I (Dior et moi, My Dior) (Country: US; Year: 2014; Director: Frédéric Tcheng; Stars: Raf Simons)
A look inside the House of Dior as Raf Simons prepares his collection.
World premiere
Fishtail (Year: 2014; Director: Andrew Renzi; Stars: Harry Dean Stanton)
Follow the cowboys of Montana’s Fishtail Basin Ranch as they survive another calving season.
World premiere
Garnet’s Gold (Year: 2014; Director: Ed Perkins)
Documentary about a man's quest for treasure and spirituality.
World premiere
Point And Shoot Point And Shoot
Point And Shoot and Mala Mala
Mala Mala (Country: US, Puerto Rico; Year: 2014; Director: Antonio Santini, Dan Sickles; Writer: Antonio Santini, Dan Sickles)
A documentary about the trans community in Puerto Rico.
World premiere
Misconception (Year: 2014; Director: Jessica Yu)
For almost 50 years, the world's population has grown at an alarming rate, raising fears about strains on the Earth's resources. But how true are these claims? Taking cues from statistics guru Hans Rosling, Misconception offers a provocative glimpse at how the world — and women in particular — are tackling a subject at once personal and global. Following three individuals, director Jessica Yu focuses on the human implications of this highly charged political issue, inspiring a fresh look at the consequences of population growth.
World premiere
Ne Me Quitte Pas (Country: Netherlands, Belgium; Year: 2013; Director: Sabine Lubbe Bakker, Niels van Koevorden; Writer: Sabine Lubbe Bakker, Niels van Koevorden)
Left by his wife for another man, Marcel falls into alcoholism and a deep depression, with only his friend Bob, also an alcoholic, to look after him. The friendship between the two men captures the frailty of the male ego and the natural comedy borne from their candid conversations. Ne Me Quitte Pas follows this downward spiral of mid-life crisis in a tender, often humorous, sometimes disturbing, examination of the ‘crisis of masculinity,’ alongside a mesmerizing exploration of mundane rural existence.
International premiere
Point And Shoot (Country: US; Year: 2014; Director: Marshall Curry; Writer: Marshall Curry; Stars: Matthew VanDyke)
How a naive American with OCD joined the Libyan revolution.
World premiere
Tomorrow We Disappear (Country: US, India; Year: 2013; Director: Jim Goldblum, Adam M. Weber)
The puppeteers, performers, and magicians of the Kathputli colony in Delhi are the last slum-dweller–artists of their kind. When their land is sold to high-rise developers, they must fight for the only home they know. Fending off relocation, they struggle to keep their mystical Indian folk arts alive and to conserve what beauty remains as they are forced into someone else’s vision of the future.
World premiere
Garnet’s Gold Garnet’s Gold
Garnet’s Gold and Ne Me Quitte Pas
Virunga (Country: UK, Congo; Year: 2014; Director: Orlando von Einsiedel; Writer: Orlando von Einsiedel)
Documentary charting the dangers that threaten the last home of the mountain gorillas... and those who look after them.
World premiere

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