2001: A Space Odyssey
Kubrick and Clarke's quest to the stars.
57,000 Kilometres Between Us
A teenager struggles for connections - both real and virtual - as her step-father presents an airbrushed version of their lives online.
Baby Mama
Two women, one apartment and the nine months that will change their lives.
Bart Got A Room
It's tick-tock, tick-tock for Danny as the prom approaches, and he still doesn't have a date...
Battle For Terra
An alien girl on an idyllic planet must save her homeland from human invaders.
Before The Rains
A sweeping period romance set in Colonial India.
A trafficked boy is saved from his fate, but is the alternative any less bleak?
The Cottage
When wannabe big-time crooks kidnap a gangster's daughter and hole up in a remote cottage, they find there are scarier people out there than the mob.
The head of a Tunisian immigrant clan tries to realise his dream of opening a couscous restaurant.


Dying Breed
Four friends find out something - or someone - murderous lurks in the rain-slogged Australian bush.
The disintegration of a marriage.
Elite Squad
A special squad officer in the violent Brazilian slums tries to find a replacement. Read our with José Padilha.
Fermat's Room
Someone wants four mathematicians out of the equation. Plus read our exclusive interview with
Gunnin' For That #1 Spot
Examination of pre-college American basketball.


Idiots And Angels
The story of a reluctant angel turns into a flight of the imagination.
In the early days of World War Two, thousands of captured Polish officers are handed over to the Soviet authorities – and vanish.
Last Time In Clerkenwell
Birds go bonkers.
Women soldiers in Iraq.
Let The Right One In
A touching story of first romance... with a side-serving of horror.
Lou Reed's Berlin
Concert film of Lou Reed's live rendition of his song cycle album.


Man On Wire
Documentary about tightrope walker Phillippe Petit's attempt to cross between the twin towers of the World Trade Center.
The Milky Way
A trip to buy milk is a real drama.
Milky Way Liberation Front
Black comedy adventure about a screenwriter whose personal and professional world is falling apart.
Mister Lonely
Celebrity lookalikes get to know one another whilst a crazy old priest takes nuns flying.
My Winnipeg
"Docu-fantasia" blurring fact and fiction.
My Life Inside
Documentarian tracks an illegal Mexican immigrant as she is tried for murder.
Once Upon A Time In The West
Restored version of Leone's epic western.
On The Ice
An Inuit hunter inadvertantly witnesses a murder.
Pray The Devil Back To Hell
The story of the Liberian women who came together to bring peace to their country.
Quiet Chaos
A bereaved husband decides to spend each day waiting for his daughter outside her school, discovering a new world in the process.


A martial arts instructor who has avoided prize-fighting to maintain his ethical code, finds debt may force him into the ring.
Savage Grace
Accomplished telling of a real life upper class family's disturbing meltdown.
The Second Line
Cleaning the filth after Hurricane Katrina.
Somers Town
A boy heads to London to seek his fortune and finds friendship.
Speed Racer
Family values versus corporate dirty tricks in futuristic motor racing spectacular.
Standard Operating Procedure
Errol Morris' documentary on the infamous photographs at Abu Ghraib prison.
Romance blossoms between an Israeli and a Palestinian - but will wider conflicts halt it in its tracks?


The Wackness
A teen drug dealer swaps spliffs for psychiatry in the long, hot New York summer of 1994.
War, Love, God & Madness
A disturbing journey into Iraq, documenting the making of Ahlaam.
Worlds Apart
The world of a dutiful daughter and Jehovah's Witness unravels when she falls for a non-believer.
War Child
A rising hip-hop star uses his music to raise awareness about his homeland’s ongoing humanitarian crisis.
War, Inc.
A hit man is sent to a fictional war-torn Middle Eastern country where the United States is waging the first fully outsourced war.

59th New York Film Festival early bird highlights Futura, Jane By Charlotte, James Baldwin: From Another Place and The Velvet Underground

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