Tribeca Festival 2007

The organisers said: "The Family Film Festival presents an array of films for all ages, including the T4Teens section that presents films for teenagers. From the trials and tribulations of middle school presidential elections to a journey to rescue the tooth-fairy, from the abduction of the world’s most famous boy band, the Family Film Festival has something for children, teens and parents alike. "

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Impy's Island Impy's Island
Impy's Island and The Hairy Tooth Fairy
Brave Story (Country: Japan; Year: 2006; Director: Kôichi Chigira; Writer: Miyuki Miyabe, Ichiro Okouchi; Stars: Takako Matsu, Eiji Wentz, Miki Imai, Tarô Ishida, Shirô Itô, Ayako Kawasumi, Kirin Kiki, Yo Oizumi, Chiwa Saito, Rie Shibata, Katsumi Takahashi)
When 11-year-old Wataru is told he can change his destiny by entering a magic gateway into another world, he jumps at the chance. But on his quest to find the Tower of Fortune and be granted any wish, he must conjure up all his bravery to battle a world of demons, his own friends and ultimately himself. In English. Ages 10+.
North American Premiere
Chasing 3000 (Country: US; Year: 2007; Director: Gregory J Lanesey; Writer: Bill Mikita, Cris D'Annunzio, Gregory J. Lanesey, Bill Mikita, Cris D'Annunzio; Stars: Ray Liotta, Rory Culkin, Trevor Morgan, Tania Raymonde, Scott Aaronson, Michael R. Aubele, Nicholas Brady, Andrew Bryniarski, Seymour Cassel, Ricardo Chavira, Mercedes Connor), Official Site
It's a long, strange trip when two homesick brothers—one of whom has muscular dystrophy—decide to drive from Los Angeles to Pittsburgh on a learner's permit at the end of the 1972 baseball season for the chance to see Roberto Clemente get his 3000th hit. Based on a true story. Featuring Ray Liotta. Ages 10+.
World Premiere
Darius Goes West: The Roll Of His Life (Country: US; Year: 2006; Director: Logan Smalley; Stars: Darius Weems)
Darius, a 15-year-old with muscular dystrophy, has never been outside of Georgia, until his 11 closest friends rent an RV and take off across the country, hoping to convince MTV's Pimp My Ride to work on his wheelchair and raise awareness about the disease. On their long adventure they learn that life, even when imperfect, is always worth the ride. Ages 14+.
New Yok Premiere
Eye Of The Dolphin (Country: US; Year: 2006; Director: Michael D Sellers; Writer: Michael D. Sellers, Wendell Morris; Stars: Carly Schroeder, Adrian Dunbar, George Harris, Katharine Ross, Christine Adams, Jane Lynch, Christopher Herrod, Vivica Watkins, Joey Jam, Rudy Levarity, Andrea Bowen)
Sad and angry after losing her mother, 14-year-old Alyssa goes to live in the Bahamas with the father she never knew she had—a dolphin researcher busy keeping the island from becoming a tourist attraction. It's a rocky start for father and daughter, but Alyssa soon embraces the sea and finds she shares her father's talent for communicating with dolphins. Ages 14+.
New Yok Premiere
Gumby: The Movie (Country: US; Year: 1995; Director: Art Clokey; Writer: Art Clokey, Gloria Clokey; Stars: Charles Farrington, Art Clokey, Gloria Clokey, Manny La Carruba, Alice Young, Janet McDuff, Patti Morse, Bonnie Rudolph, David Ozzie Ahlers, David Archer, Lillian Nicol)
The original Green Hero! This popular 1995 claymation is re-mastered and re-edited to bring Gumby back to his band, the Clayboys, for all the action and adventure! While taking us in and out of books, from Toyland to Camelot to outer space, Gumby's optimistic personality and care for the environment shine brightly. Ages 4+.
The Hairy Tooth Fairy (El Ratón Pérez) (Country: Argentina, Spain; Year: 2006; Director: Juan Pablo Buscarini; Writer: Enrique Cortés; Stars: Alejandro Awada, Mariano Chiesa, Rolly Serrano, Delfina Varni, Fabián Mazzei, Ana María Orozco, Joe Rígoli, Diego Gentile, Ana María Nazar, Enrique Porcellana, Fernanda Bodria)
When Lucía loses a tooth, she is consoled to know that the Hairy Tooth Fairy, Pérez, will bring money in exchange. Pérez lives happily on a boat with hundreds of other mice, but tonight he encounters danger, and Lucía and a friend must set out to save him. This fascinating adventure will keep you on the edge of your seat. Ages 10+.
US Premiere
Impy's Island (Urmel aus dem Eis) (Country: Germany; Year: 2006; Director: Reinhard Klooss, Holger Tappe; Writer: Oliver Huzly, Reinhard Klooss, Max Kruse, Sven Severin; Stars: Wigald Boning, Anke Engelke, Florian Halm, Christoph Maria Herbst, Kevin Iannotta, Ulrike Johanssen, Stefan Krause, Oliver Pocher, Domenic Redl, Frank Schaff, Klaus Sonnenschein)
In this fun-filled CGI animation, Professor Tiberton's island school of wacky creatures includes a talking penguin, lizard, shoebill and his adopted son. One day, an egg buried in an iceberg floats ashore and hatches something amazing-Impy, a baby dinosaur! But when a king wants to take Impy as a trophy, the group must protect their new friend. In English. Ages 4+.
North American Premiere

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