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The Brothers The Brothers
The Brothers and Simon and Laura
29, Acacia Avenue (The Facts of Love) (Country: UK; Year: 1945; Director: Henry Cass; Writer: Denis Constanduros, Mabel Constanduros, Sydney Box, Muriel Box; Stars: Gordon Harker, Betty Balfour, Jimmy Hanley, Carla Lehmann, Hubert Gregg, Jill Evans, Henry Kendall, Dinah Sheridan, Megs Jenkins, Noele Gordon, Guy Middleton, Aubrey Mallalieu, Gordon Harker, Betty Balfour, Jimmy Hanley)
A middle-aged couple are scheduled to go off on a cruise. When their children refuse to accompany them they decide to go to a British seaside holiday instead. They come back home earlier than expected to find their daughter embarked on a 'trial marriage'.
The Beachcomber (Country: UK; Year: 1954; Director: Muriel Box; Writer: Sydney Box, W Somerset Maugham; Stars: Glynis Johns, Robert Newton, Donald Sinden, Paul Rogers, Donald Pleasence, Walter Crisham, Michael Hordern, Auric Lorand, Tony Quinn, Ah Chong Choy, Ronald Lewis, Jeanne Roland, Lizabeth Rollins, Michael Mellinger, Ronald Adam)
A hard drinking man and a female missionary form an unlikely team when cholera threatens the island where they live.
The Blind Goddess (Country: UK; Year: 1948; Director: Harold French; Writer: Muriel Box, Sydney Box, based on the play by Patrick Hastings; Stars: Eric Portman, Anne Crawford, Hugh Williams, Michael Denison, Nora Swinburne, Raymond Lovell, Claire Bloom, Frank Cellier, Clive Morton, Elspet Gray, Maurice Denham, Cecil Bevan, John Stone, Philip Saville, Martin Benson)
The private secretary to Lord Brasted learns from a friend that his employer, an administrator of an International Relief organisation, has been converting funds to his private use.
The Brothers (Country: UK; Year: 1947; Director: David MacDonald; Writer: Muriel Box, based on the book by LAG Strong; Stars: Patricia Roc, Finlay Currie, Maxwell Reed, Will Fyffe, Andrew Crawford, John Laurie)
A young woman working as a servant on the Isle of Skye struggles with the consequences of male attention and is caught up in a doomed love affair.
Christopher Columbus (Country: UK; Year: 1949; Director: David MacDonald; Writer: Muriel Box, Sydney Box, Cyril Roberts based on the novel by Rafael Sabatini,; Stars: Fredric March, Florence Eldridge, Francis L. Sullivan, Kathleen Ryan, Derek Bond, Nora Swinburne, Abraham Sofaer, Linden Travers, James Robertson Justice, Dennis Vance, Richard Aherne, Felix Aylmer, Francis Lister, Edward Rigby, Niall MacGinnis)
Using a letter of introduction from Queen Isabella's former confessor, Christopher Columbus gains access to the Spanish court where he tries to convince authorities to support him in his proposed voyage to reach to Far East by sailing west.
Daybreak Daybreak
Daybreak and Easy Money
Daybreak (Country: UK; Year: 1948; Director: Compton Bennett; Writer: Muriel Box, Sydney Box, Monckton Hoffe; Stars: Ann Todd, Eric Portman, Maxwell Reed, Edward Rigby, Bill Owen, Eliot Makeham, Jane Hylton, Margaret Withers, John Turnbull, Maurice Denham, Milton Rosmer, Lyn Evans, Andrew Crawford, Garry Marsh, Ann Todd)
Eddie, who works as a hangman under an assumed name, conceals this other job when he gets married and sets up home with his girl on a barge in the river Thames - but tragedy strikes.
Dear Murderer (Country: UK; Year: 1947; Director: Arthur Crabtree; Writer: Muriel Box, Sydney Box, Peter Rogers, St John Legh Clowes; Stars: Eric Portman, Greta Gynt, Dennis Price, Jack Warner, Maxwell Reed, Hazel Court, Jane Hylton, Andrew Crawford, Charles Rolfe, Hélène Burls, Ernest Butcher, Judith Carol, Valerie Ward, John Blythe, Vic Hagan)
Lee Warren returns from a trip abroad to find evidence that Vivien, his wife has been unfaithful to him, and sets out find her lover, kill him, and make it look like suicide only to find his plan complicated by a second man
Easy Money (Country: UK; Year: 1948; Director: Bernard Knowles; Writer: Muriel Box, Sydney Box, based on the play Arnold Ridley; Stars: Jack Warner, Marjorie Fielding, Yvonne Owen, Jack Watling, Petula Clark, Mabel Constanduros, David Tomlinson, Maurice Denham, Mervyn Johns, Joan Young, Grey Blake, Gordon McLeod, Ernest Butcher, Greta Gynt, Dennis Price)
The film is divided into four episodes that deal with the effect of winning a fortune in football pools on four different sets of people.
Eyewitness (Country: UK; Year: 1956; Director: Muriel Box; Writer: Janet Green; Stars: Donald Sinden, Muriel Pavlow, Belinda Lee, Michael Craig, Nigel Stock, Susan Beaumont, David Knight, Ada Reeve, Avice Landone, Richard Wattis, George Woodbridge, Gillian Harrison, Nicholas Parsons, Leslie Dwyer, Anna Turner)
After a woman witnesses a robbery, she runs away, only to be knocked down... as the only witness, her life is in peril.
A Girl In A Million (Country: UK; Year: 1946; Director: Francis Searle; Writer: Muriel Box, Sydney Box; Stars: Hugh Williams, Joan Greenwood, Basil Radford, Naunton Wayne, Eileen Joyce, Wylie Watson, Yvonne Owen, Hartley Power, Edward Lexy, James Knight, Charles Rolfe, Gwen Clark, Millicent Wolf, Aubrey Mallalieu, Garry Marsh)
A young inventor divorces a nagging wife and, to avoid all women, finds employment in a remote all-male department of the War Office. His peace is broken by a US colonel's daughter, Gay, who is shell-shocked and has lost the power of speech.
Dear Murderer Dear Murderer
Dear Murderer and Holiday Camp
Good-Time Girl (Country: UK, US; Year: 1948; Director: David MacDonald; Writer: Muriel Box, Sydney Box, Arthur La Bern, Ted Willis; Stars: Jean Kent, Dennis Price, Herbert Lom, Bonar Colleano, Peter Glenville, Flora Robson, George Carney, Beatrice Varley, Hugh McDermott, Griffith Jones, Amy Veness, Elwyn Brook-Jones, Orlando Martins, Renee Gadd, Jill Balcon)
Miss Thorpe, the chairman of the Juvenile court, gives advice to troubled teenager Lyla Lawrence.
The Happy Family (Mr Lord Says No) (Country: UK; Year: 1952; Director: Muriel Box; Writer: Muriel Box, Sydney Box, Michael Clayton Hutton; Stars: Stanley Holloway, Kathleen Harrison, Naunton Wayne, Dandy Nichols, John Stratton, Eileen Moore, Shirley Mitchell, Margaret Barton, George Cole, Tom Gill, Miles Malleson, Geoffrey Sumner, Laurence Naismith, Edward Lexy, Cameron Hall)
Corner shop owners find themselves threatened by the demolition of their property.
Holiday Camp (Country: UK; Year: 1947; Director: Ken Annakin; Writer: Godfrey Winn, Muriel Box, Sydney Box, Peter Rogers, Mabel Constanduros, Denis Constanduros, Ted Willis; Stars: Flora Robson, Dennis Price, Jack Warner, Hazel Court, Emrys Jones, Kathleen Harrison, Jimmy Hanley, Yvonne Owen, Esmond Knight, Esma Cannon, John Blythe, Dennis Harkin, Beatrice Varley, Jeannette Tregarthen, Peter Hammond)
The Huggett family goes to a holiday camp where they encounter many different people: a pregnant young girl and her boyfriend, a group of gamblers, a murderer seeking his next victim, a husband-seeking spinster and a middle-aged matron on her first holiday after years of taking care of her invalid mother.
The Lost People (Country: UK; Year: 1949; Director: Muriel Box, Bernard Knowles; Writer: Bridget Boland, based on the play by Bridget Boland; Stars: Dennis Price, Mai Zetterling, Richard Attenborough, Siobhan McKenna, Maxwell Reed, William Hartnell, Gerard Heinz, Zena Marshall, Olaf Pooley, Harcourt Williams, Philo Hauser, Jill Balcon, Grey Blake, Marcel Poncin, Nelly Arno)
After World War II, various displaced people coming from concentration camps and forced labour camps, await transportation back to their homelands in a German theatre guarded by British soldiers... where trouble brews.
The Man Within (The Smugglers) (Country: UK; Year: 1947; Director: Bernard Knowles; Writer: Graham Greene, Sydney Box, Muriel Box; Stars: Michael Redgrave, Jean Kent, Joan Greenwood, Richard Attenborough, Francis L. Sullivan, Felix Aylmer, Ronald Shiner, Basil Sydney, Ernest Thesiger, Allan Jeayes, Ralph Truman, Cyril Chamberlain, Andrew Crawford, Maurice Denham, Lyn Evans)
When a young crewman betrays his smuggling ship, he seeks refuge with a young woman.
The Seventh Veil The Seventh Veil
The Seventh Veil and The Passionate Stranger
The Passionate Stranger (A Novel Affair) (Country: UK; Year: 1957; Director: Muriel Box; Writer: Muriel Box, Sydney Box; Stars: Ralph Richardson, Margaret Leighton, Patricia Dainton, Carlo Giustini, Ada Reeve, Andree Melly, Frederick Piper, Michael Shepley, Thorley Walters, George Woodbridge, Allan Cuthbertson, John Arnatt, Barbara Archer, Marjorie Rhodes, Megs Jenkins)
A woman novelist writes of a lady's affair with an Italian chauffeur, and her own Italian chauffeur reads the manuscript and jumps to conclusions.
The Piper's Tune (Country: UK; Year: 1962; Director: Muriel Box; Writer: Michael Barnes, Frank Wells; Stars: Mavis Ranson, Roberta Tovey, Angela White, Malcolm Ranson, Brian Wills, Graham Wills, Christopher Rhodes, Frederick Piper, Charles Rolfe, Delene Scott, Harold Siddons, Nora Gordon, George Woodbridge, Sydney Bromley, Tony Thawnton)
During the Napoleonic Wars child refugees become involved with a Pyrenean escape route and the problem of whether to save a wounded enemy who is a danger to their own safety.
Portrait From Life (Lost Daughter) (Country: UK; Year: 1949; Director: Terence Fisher; Writer: Muriel Box, Sydney Box, David Evans, Frank Harvey; Stars: Mai Zetterling, Robert Beatty, Guy Rolfe, Herbert Lom, Patrick Holt, Arnold Marlé, Sybille Binder, Thora Hird, Gerard Heinz, Yvonne Owen, Ernest Thesiger, John Blythe, Philo Hauser, George Thorpe, Cyril Chamberlain)
A German professor sees a portrait in an art gallery which looks exactly like his daughter, who is assumed to have died in the war. The girl, who is an amnesiac, has been living in Europe under the protection of a wanted Nazi war criminal. A British army major in Occupied Germany tries to cut through red tape and an espionage plot to rescue the girl.
Rattle Of A Simple Man (Country: UK; Year: 1964; Director: Muriel Box; Writer: Charles Dyer; Stars: Harry H Corbett, Diane Cilento, Thora Hird, Michael Medwin, Charles Dyer, Hugh Futcher, Brian Wilde, Alexander Davion, David Saire, Barbara Archer, Michael Robbins, George Roderick, Marie Burke, Carole Gray, John Ronane)
When football fans head to London for a game, one of them falls for a woman without realising she is a prostitute.
Simon and Laura (Country: UK; Year: 1955; Director: Muriel Box; Writer: Peter Blackmore, Alan Melville; Stars: Peter Finch, Kay Kendall, Ian Carmichael, Maurice Denham, Thora Hird, Richard Wattis, Muriel Pavlow)
A bickering couple get the opportunity to revitalise their careers by starring in a reality TV show.
The Blind Goddess The Blind Goddess
The Blind Goddess and To Dorothy A Son
The Seventh Veil (Country: UK; Year: 1945; Director: Compton Bennett; Writer: Muriel Box, Sydney Box; Stars: James Mason, Ann Todd, Herbert Lom, Hugh McDermott, Albert Lieven, Yvonne Owen, David Horne, Manning Whiley, Grace Allardyce, Ernest Davies, John Slater, Arnold Goldsborough, Muir Mathieson, Beatrice Varley, Margaret Withers)
After attempting suicide, Francesca Cunningham, a world famed pianist, undergoes psychological treatment leading her to confront her past with a controlling guardian.
Street Corner (Both Sides of the Law) (Country: UK; Year: 1953; Director: Muriel Box; Writer: Jan Read, Muriel Box, Sydney Box; Stars: Anne Crawford, Peggy Cummins, Rosamund John, Terence Morgan, Barbara Murray, Ronald Howard, Eleanor Summerfield, Charles Victor, Michael Medwin, Thora Hird, Marjorie Rhodes, Joyce Carey, Dora Bryan, Maurice Denham, Lily Kann)
The daily work and routine of women police built around three story lines.
Subway In The Sky (Country: UK; Year: 1959; Director: Muriel Box; Writer: Jack Andrews, Ian Main, Bruce Birch; Stars: Van Johnson, Hildegard Knef, Albert Lieven, Cec Linder, Katherine Kath, Vivian Matalon, Carl Jaffe, Chuck Keyser, Gaylord Cavallaro, Michael Bell, E. Kerrigan Prescott, James Maxwell, Gerda Larsen, Tom Watson, Edward Judd)
A military doctor in Berlin is falsely accused of illegal dealing in drugs and becomes determined to prove his innocence.
This Other Eden (Country: Ireland; Year: 1959; Director: Muriel Box; Writer: Blanaid Irvine, Patrick Kirwan, based on the play by Louis d'Alton; Stars: Audrey Dalton, Leslie Phillips, Niall MacGinnis, Geoffrey Golden, Norman Rodway, Milo O'Shea, Harry Brogan, Paul Farrell, Eddie Golden, Hilton Edwards, Philip O'Flynn, Ria Mooney, Isobel Couser, Marie Conmee, Martin Crosbie)
A small Irish town wants to erect a statue to an Irish Republican Army man killed during the Irish War for Independence, but the son of the Colonel who killed the rebel objects.
Too Young To Love (Country: UK; Year: 1960; Director: Muriel Box; Writer: Sydney Box, Muriel Box, based on the play by Elsa Shelley; Stars: Thomas Mitchell, Pauline Hahn, Joan Miller, Austin Willis, Alan Gifford, Vivian Matalon, Jess Conrad, Cec Linder, Charles Farrell, Bessie Love, Sheila Gallagher, Miki Iveria, Cal McCord, Ilona Ference, Michael Bell)
A teenage girl is accused by a neighbour of receiving adult men at home and recounts a tale of neglect to a judge.
To Dorothy A Son (Cash On Delivery) (Country: UK; Year: 1954; Director: Muriel Box; Writer: Roger MacDougall, Peter Rogers; Stars: Shelley Winters, John Gregson, Peggy Cummins, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Mona Washbourne, Hal Osmond, Hartley Power, Maurice Kaufmann, John Warren, Fred Berger, Dorothy Bramhall, Nicholas Parsons, Ronald Adam, Martin Miller, Alfie Bass)
A woman stands to inherit a fortune if her ex-husband has no male heirs... but when she tracks him down, she finds his wife is pregnant.
The Truth About Women (Country: UK; Year: 1957; Director: Muriel Box; Writer: Muriel Box, Sydney Box; Stars: Laurence Harvey, Julie Harris, Diane Cilento, Mai Zetterling, Eva Gabor, Roland Culver, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Marius Goring, Michael Denison, Jocelyn Lane, Derek Farr, Elina Labourdette, Griffith Jones, Katie Boyle, Lisa Gastoni)
A baronet recounts a lifetime of romantic liaisons to his son-in-law.
The Years Between (Country: UK; Year: 1946; Director: Compton Bennett; Writer: Muriel Box, Sydney Box, based on the play by Daphne Du Maurier; Stars: Michael Redgrave, Valerie Hobson, Flora Robson, James McKechnie, Felix Aylmer, Dulcie Gray, John Gilpin, Edward Rigby, Yvonne Owen, Wylie Watson, Esma Cannon, Lyn Evans, Joss Ambler, Ernest Butcher, Katie Johnson)
A British officer and Member of Parliament who had been reportedly killed in action during the war unexpectedly returns to his family... only to discover his wife is about to marry again.

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