Raindance Film Festival 2009

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Exam Exam
Exam and Down Terrace
At The Foot Of A Tree (Country: UK; Year: 2008; Director: Ricky Shane Reid; Writer: Ricky Shane Reid; Stars: Anna Blades, Kelly Jo Reid, Nicola Borthwick, Neil Summerville, Reece Reid), Official Site
One boy's 'poetic' revenge.
Borges And I (Country: UK; Year: 2009; Director: Jonathan Bentovim, Emily Harris; Writer: Chris McColl; Stars: Saul Reichlin, James McNeill, Sally Scott, Chris McColl, Tim Harris, Simeon Willis, Angus Lindsay, Alastair Trevill, Tony Sax)
An actor investigates the 'perception of self'.
Colin (Country: UK; Year: 2008; Director: Marc Price; Writer: Marc Price; Stars: Alastair Kirton, Daisy Aitkens, Leanne Pammen, Kate Alderman, Tat Whalley, Leigh Crocombe)
One man's journey into the realm of the undead... from the wrong side of life.
Crying With Laughter (Country: UK; Year: 2009; Director: Justin Molotnikov; Writer: Justin Molotnikov; Stars: Stephen McCole, Malcolm Shields, Andrew Neil, Jo Hartley, Niall Greig Fulton), Official Site
Black comedy about a comedian whose past is unearthed.
The Cry of the Owl (Country: UK, Canada, Germany, France; Year: 2009; Director: Jamie Thraves; Writer: Jamie Thraves, based on the novel by Patricia Highsmith; Stars: Paddy Considine, Julia Stiles, Karl Pruner, Phillip MacKenzie, Gord Rand, James Gilbert, R.D. Reid, Caroline Dhavernas, Alex Karzis, Marcia Laskowski, Krista Bridges, Charlotte Sullivan, Robbie Campbell, Jennifer Kydd, Dru Viergever), Trailer
A man who becomes obssessed with the domestic life of a woman he doesn't know, embarks on a disastrous relationship with her.
Crying With Laughter Crying With Laughter
Crying With Laughter and Resurrecting The Street Walker
Desire (Country: UK; Year: 2009; Director: Gareth Jones; Writer: Gareth Jones; Stars: Oscar Pearce, Tella Kpomahou, Daisy Smith, Adam Slynn), Official Site
When an agoraphobic writer invites a French nanny into the lives of his family it has unexpected implications for them all.
Down Terrace (Country: UK; Year: 2009; Director: Ben Wheatley; Writer: Robin Hill, Ben Wheatley; Stars: Julia Deakin, Michael Smiley, David Schaal, Tony Way, Mark Kempner, Gareth Tunley, Kali Peacock, Robin Hill, Robert Hill, Kerry Peacock), Trailer
Killers consider retribution round the kitchen sink.
Exam (Country: UK; Year: 2009; Director: Stuart Hazeldine; Writer: Stuart Hazeldine, based on a story by Stuart Hazeldine and Simon Garrity; Stars: Luke Mably, Colin Salmon, Jimi Mistry, Nathalie Cox, Pollyanna McIntosh, Gemma Chan, Chris Carey, Chukwudi Iwuji, John Lloyd Fillingham, Adar Beck)
Eight strangers are sitting the final exam for a top-level position... but little do they know the stakes are higher than they imagine.
Resurrecting The Street Walker (Country: UK; Year: 2009; Director: Ozgur Uyanik; Writer: Ozgur Uyanik; Stars: Christina Helena)
A wannabe filmmaker becomes obssessed with an unfinished snuff film.

Filming sensations Mathieu Amalric on Pierre Léon, Jeanne Balibar and the sounds and colours of Barbara

Character arc Seth A Smith on filming with a two-year-old and bringing marbling to life in The Crescent

Keeping up appearances Marcello Martinessi on cultural conservatism and filmmaking honesty in The Heiresses

A different space Kelly Macdonald on working with Marc Turtletaub on Puzzle

Out of the past Susanna Nicchiarelli on Trine Dyrholm and the costume design in Nico, 1988

The iconic man Jonathan Baker on Becoming Iconic and Inconceivable

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