New York Film Festival 2015

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Blow Out (Country: US; Year: 1981; Director: Brian De Palma; Stars: John Travolta, Nancy Allen, Dennis Frranz)
A sound man on a low budget film accidentally records a murder.
Ran (Country: Japan; Year: 1985; Director: Akira Kurosawa; Writer: Akira Kurosawa, based on the play by William Shakespeare; Stars: Tatsuya Nakadai, Akira Terao, Mieko Harada)
A warlord splits his kingdom between his sons only to see the older two cause chaos as they battle for supremacy in this vivid Japanese reworking of King Lear.
A Touch Of Zen (Country: Hong Kong; Year: 1971; Director: King Hu; Writer: King Hu, Sung-Ling Pu; Stars: Feng Hsu, Chun Shih, Ying Bai)
A woman on the run from corrupt government officials is joined in her endeavors by an unambitious painter and skilled Buddhist monks.
Visit, Or Memories And Confessions (Country: Portugal; Year: 1982; Director: Manoel de Oliveira; Stars: Manoel de Oliveira)
The great director invites the audience into his home and tells his own story in a film he specifically had kept from release until after his death.

Casey Affleck liberated by ghosts Star talks Oscars, Rooney Mara and hiding under a sheet

In the city of the world's desire Ceyda Torun on KEDi, cats, femininity and the soul of Istanbul.

A nice cup of tea and a murder Jamie McKeller on The Book Club, legalising murder, serial killers and cake.

Completing the trip Bertrand Tavernier on Jacques Becker, Claude Sautet, Jean-Pierre Melville and his Journey Through French Cinema.

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