Hounds will open the festival Hounds will open the festival

MIFF has arrived on the international film festival circuit with a mission to celebrate and amplify the diverse voices that explore the rich tapestry of Muslim experiences via the medium of film. This first edition showcases the breadth of Muslim storytelling with premieres of acclaimed new features set throughout the world including the UK, Morocco, Turkey, Tunisia, Jordan and Sudan. It will run from May 30 to June 2.

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Muslim Latest Reviews

A fateful night in the life of a father and son after a kidnapping goes awry.
Empty Nets
Empty Nets
A man and a woman from two different social classes keep their relationship a secret as the man struggles to raise a dowry.
In Camera
In Camera
An actor struggles with the various roles he is juggling in life.
In Taliban controlled Afghanistan, Laili walks into a Chadari store in Kabul to buy her first full body veil and face a new future.
Inshallah A Boy
Inshallah A Boy
A mother fights for her rights in a partriachal system after her husband's death.

Muslim International Film Festival Features

Command performance
Naqqash Khalid on modern masculinity, blank slates and 'anti-acting' in his debut In Camera
Rights and wrongs
Amjad Al Rasheed on patriarchal structures and female empowerment in Inshallah A Boy
All the hidden colours
Elham Ehsas on life for women under the Taliban, and Yellow

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59th New York Film Festival early bird highlights Futura, Jane By Charlotte, James Baldwin: From Another Place and The Velvet Underground

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