London Korean Film Festival 2019

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The Seashore Village The Seashore Village
The Seashore Village and Scattered Night
Scattered Night (Country: South Korea; Year: 2019; Director: Sol, Lee Jihyoung; Writer: Jihyoung Lee; Stars: Moon Seung-a, Choi Junwoo, Kim Hyeyoung, Lim Hojun)
Sumin and Jinho are siblings living together. One day, their parents declare to them that they will divorce soon. They say that it is not decided yet how the four members of the family live apart, and ask them to wait for about two weeks. Sumin spends every day worrying about which parents she's going to live with and living apart from Jinho. One day, her parents offer her a suggestion.
The Seashore Village (Gaetmaeul, The Sea Village) (Country: South Korea; Year: 1965; Director: Kim Soo-yong; Writer: Oh Yeong-su; Stars: Shin Young-kyun, Ko Eun-ah, Lee Min-ja, Hwang Jung-seun)
A woman struggles to get by after her husband disappears while out fishing.

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