London Korean Film Festival 2017

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Bamseom Pirates Soul Inferno (Bam-Seom-Hae-Jeok-Dan Seo-ul Bul-Ba-Da) (Country: South Korea; Year: 2017; Director: Jung Yoon-suk)
Documentary about the Korean punk band.
A Confession Expecting A Rejection (Year: 2017; Director: Park Jeong-hoon; Stars: Kim Dong-won, Kim Hyun-jin, Kim Pan-kyum)
Minimalist, single-take film.
Merry Christmas Mr Mo (Laimingu Kaledu, pone Mo!) (Country: South Korea; Year: 2016; Director: Lim Dae-hyung ; Writer: Lim Dae-hyung ; Stars: Gi Ju-bong, Oh Jung-hwan, Go Won-hee)
Comic drama about a terminally ill barber whose dying wish is to make a short film directed by his distant son.
Non-Fiction Diary (Country: South Korea; Year: 2013; Director: Jung Yoon-suk ; Writer: Jung Yoon-suk ; Stars: Ko Byung-chun, Kim Hyung-tae, Park Sang-gu, Jo Sung-ae, Oh Hu-geun, Oh Young-rok, Jung Hyung-bok, Han Wan-sang )
What do savage serial killings have to do with the collapse of both a department store and a busy road bridge in Seoul?
Showing with The White House In My Country, Hochiminh and The Home Of Stars

59th New York Film Festival early bird highlights Futura, Jane By Charlotte, James Baldwin: From Another Place and The Velvet Underground

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