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Carnage For Christmas Carnage For Christmas
Carnage For Christmas and All Shall Be Well
All Shall Be Well (Country: Hong Kong, China; Year: 2024; Director: Ray Yeung; Writer: Ray Yeung; Stars: Patra Au, Lin-Lin Li, Tai-Bo, So-Ying Hui, Chung-Hang Leung, Fish Liew, Rachel Leung, Lai Chai Ming, Li Lai Ha, Luna Shaw, Gia Yu Yuk Wah, Bonde Sham, Hon-Fai Ho, Michael Khan, Miles Sible)
Angie and Pat have been together for over four decades but after Pat's unexpected death, Angie finds herself at the mercy of Pat's family as she struggles to retain her dignity and the home that both had shared for over 30 years.
Carnage For Christmas (Country: Australia; Year: 2024; Director: Alice Maio Mackay; Writer: Alice Maio Mackay, Benjamin Pahl Robinson; Stars: Chris Asimos, Dominique Booth, Betsey Brown, Lewi Dawson, Olivia Beeble)
When true-crime podcaster and sleuth Lola visits her hometown for the first time since running away and transitioning, the local urban legend, The Toymaker, is the least of her worries. But then the vengeful ghost of the historical murderer seemingly rises again.
Join The Club (Country: US; Year: 2023; Director: Kip Andersen, Chris O’Connell)
When Dennis Peron’s lover dies of AIDS, he realises that his vocation as a pot dealer could be put to good use – as medicine for those suffering from the physical and mental effects of the disease. With boundless passion, street smarts and wit, Peron outsmarts the police and opens cannabis cafes.
Langue Étrangère (Country: France, Belgium, Germany; Year: 2024; Director: Claire Burger; Stars: Chiara Mastroianni, Nina Hoss, Jalal Altawil, Lilith Grasmug, Josefa Heinsius)
A teenager leaves her home for the first time to spend a month in Leipzig.
Spark (Country: US; Year: 2024; Director: Nicholas Giuricich; Writer: Nicholas Giuricich; Stars: Theo Germaine, Vico Ortiz, Nancy Nave, Jason Caceres, Christina Villa, Danell Leyva)
Aaron, a hopeless romantic, finds himself reliving the same day after an awkward but intense encounter with the mysterious Trevor. His excitement at the opportunity for a do-over soon turns sour as Aaron suspects Trevor may be the cause of his time loop.

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