Glasgow Short Film Festival 2024

View other Glasgow Short Film Festival Films by strand: Beyond The Seventh Gate: Contemporary Moroccan artists’ moving image, Bill Douglas Award 2: Where we find ourselves, Bill Douglas Award 3: Between every imagined present, Bill Douglas Award 4: In your image its future is made, Bill Douglas Award 5: Because it became impossible to breathe, Bill Douglas Award 6: Mediated through the body, Bill Douglas Unseen Super 8, Cine Mujer 1: The personal is political, Cine Mujer 2: It’s not by choice, Festival Favourites 1, For Shorts & Giggles, Følkløric 1: Sticks and Stones, Følkløric 2: What a Shame She Went Mad, GMAC Animation, Jyoti Mistry: We Come In Peace, They Said, Scottish Competition 1: Fitting out, standing in, Scottish Competition 2: Tales we need, tales we are, Scottish Competition 3: Resist and reclaim, Towards Liberation 1: Restricted Citizens, Towards Liberation 2: All wars are fought twice, Visible Cinema, Young Scottish Filmmaker Prize

Dreams Like Paper Boats (Des Rêves En Bateaux Papiers) (Country: Haiti; Year: 2024; Director: Samuel Frantz Suffren; Writer: Samuel Frantz Suffren; Stars: Clorette Jacinthe, Kenny Laguerre, Zaraina Ruth-Amma Suffren)
Edouard receives a cassette from his wife in US after years apart. He and his daughter live with this relic, but then an unexpected reunion makes them question the past.
Elefsina Notre Amour (Country: Greece; Year: 2023; Director: Mahdi Fleifel)
Deserted landscapes, ancient ruins and abandoned shipwrecks at sea. Elefsina’s archeological sites don’t come close to being as hauntingly beautiful as these dead ships, the neglected refugees of Elefsina
I Promise You Paradise (Country: Egypt; Year: 2023; Director: Morad Mostafa)
Following a violent incident, Eissa, a 17 year old African migrant in Egypt, is on a quest against time to save his loved ones, whatever it takes.
Tierra De Leche (Country: Nicaragua, US; Year: 2023; Director: Milton Guillen, Fiona Hall)
On New England dairy farms, daily life orbits around the milking parlor. Here, machinery and cows come together as an exploitation mechanism of migrant workers from Central America, consuming their every waking hour and even infiltrating their dreams.

59th New York Film Festival early bird highlights Futura, Jane By Charlotte, James Baldwin: From Another Place and The Velvet Underground

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