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Death Is A Caress (Døden Er Et Kjærtegn) (Country: Norway; Year: 1949; Director: Edith Carlmar; Writer: Otto Carlmar, based on the book by Arne Moen; Stars: Claus WieseBjørg Riiser-LarsenEva Bergh, Ingolf Rogde, Einar Vaade)
The story of a working man who has a gorgeous fiancée but falls for a rich older woman - who turns out to be a femme fatale.
Fools In The Mountains (Country: Norway; Year: 1957; Director: Edith Carlmar; Writer: Bias Bernhoft and Otto Carlmar, based on the play by Sverre Bævre; Stars: Leif Juster, Unni Bernhoft, Frank Robert)
At a high mountain hotel in Norway the porter Poppe tries to do the best he can for the guests with an often unhelpful piccolo Rudolf.
The Wayward Girl (Ung Flukt) (Country: Norway; Year: 1959; Director: Edith Carlmar; Writer: Otto Carlmar, based on a book by Niels Johan Rud; Stars: Liv Ullmann, Atle Merton, Rolf Søder, Nanna Stenersen, Tore Foss)
A young woman is rejected by her family after being deemed immoral. Fleeing to the woods with her boyfriend, she encounters a man who will test her will.
Young Woman Missing (Ung Frue Forsvunnet) (Country: Norway; Year: 1953; Director: Edith Carlmar; Writer: Victor Borg, Otto Carlmar; Stars: Astri Jacobsen, Adolf Bjerke, Espen Skjønberg, Wenche Foss)
A young teacher comes back home after a mountain trip, and finds his wife missing. Noone has seen her since the day he left for the trip. The police start an investigation to find out what has happened.

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