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Eight Eyes Eight Eyes
Eight Eyes and Hostile Dimensions
1982: The Greatest Geek Year Ever! (Country: US; Year: 2022; Director: Roger Lay Jr.; Stars: Mick Garris, Barry Bostwick, Adrienne Barbeau, David L Snyder)
Aa fabulous time machine back to one of the greatest years in movie history for the biggest blockbusters, cult unforgettables and when genre fandom was in its infancy.
The Darkside Of Society (Country: US; Year: 2022; Director: Larry Wade Carrell; Stars: Julian Sands, Brian Yuzna, Screaming Mad George, Richard Stanley)
The story of the Keith family in Beverly Hills and the reality which inspired cult film Society.
Eight Eyes (Year: 2023; Director: Austin Jennings; Writer: Austin Jennings; Stars: Emily Sweet, Brad Thomas, Bruno Veljanovski)
At the breaking point of their dysfunctional marriage, a couple take a trip through Serbia. After meeting a mysterious local who eagerly offers to be their guide, they embark on an impromptu sightseeing expedition that soon takes a series of sinister turns.
The Ghost Station (Country: South Korea; Year: 2022; Director: Jeong Yong-ki; Stars: Kim Bo-ra, Kim Jae Hyun, Shin So-yul)
A public service worker at Oksu Station witnesses a shocking incident and recruits his friend to help uncover the truth behind the station's mysterious happenings first reported on by a journalist trying to make sense of a murder case.
Hostile Dimensions (Country: UK; Year: 2023; Director: Graham Hughes; Stars: Graham Hughes, Stephen Beavis, Annabel Logan, Andy Stewart)
Two documentary filmmakers traverse alternate dimensions, confronting nightmares to uncover the truth behind a graffiti artist’s disappearance who seems to have vanished into thin air. These dimensions mix the ordinary with the bizarre - a hilly idyll is thrown off kilter by whales floating across the skies.
Minore Minore
Minore and The Darkside Of Society
The Knocking (Country: Finland; Year: 2022; Director: Joonas Pajunen, Max Seeck; Stars: Inka Kallén, Saana Koivisto, Olga Temonen, Mikko Leppilampi)
Mikko, Maria and Matilda are siblings who haven’t been close or seen each other for years, but they must now decide what to do with their childhood home where their parents were allegedly murdered. The plan is to get the house and surrounding forest estate ready to be sold, but old traumas quickly resurface and there may be something evil lurking in the woods desperately trying to prevent the sale.
Minore (Country: Greece; Year: 2023; Director: Konstantinos Koutsoliotas; Writer: Konstantinos Koutsoliotas, Elizabeth E Schuch; Stars: Davide Tucci, Daphne Alexander, Apollon Bollas, Eleftheria Komi)
When mysterious creatures invade a Greek seaside port, a misfit band of musicians, tourists, bodybuilders and grandmothers unite to save the city.
The Weird Kidz (Country: US; Year: 2023; Director: Zach Passero; Stars: Sean Bridgers, Ellar Coltrane, Angela Bettis, Brian Ceely)
Dug, Mel, and Fatt are 12-year-old boys navigating life in their desert suburb. Dug’s older brother Wyatt takes the trio on a camping trip to a canyon with his new, awesome girlfriend Mary. She doesn’t go unnoticed by Mel and Fatt, who have just descended into puberty.  Late bloomer Dug just dreams of smores and ghost stories. On a pit stop, the gas station attendant shares tales of the Night Child, an ancient creature that feeds on tourists.

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