A surreal look at three stages of a woman's life, drawing heavily on the giallo tradition.
Burning Bright
Tiger terror.
Cherry Tree Lane
Urban horror about a culture-clash between an upper-crust couple, and trouble with local boys.


Dead Cert
London hard-men discover business has bite, after the businessmen who offer to buy their nightclub turn out to be vampires.
Dream Home
Trying to get your ideal home can be murder.
School may be out for the day... but violence is in, as a group of hooded hooligans terrorises a school after hours.


Sexual awakening and conspiracy in southern California.
The Last Exorcism
An evangelical preacher sets out to debunk myths of exorcism with a documentary crew... only to be faced with the real deal.
The Loved Ones
The father of teenager Lola will go to any lengths to get her the boy of her dreams... including kidnap and torture. Plus read our with Robin McLeavy.


A human/extra-terrestrial love story cum road movie.
Beasties, romance, black magic, comedy and horror - sounds like it's got it all!?
The Pack
A woman finds herself caught up in ritual sacrifice.


Red Hill
Life proves tough for a young police officer in a small town, as he begins to wonder if he'll make it through his first day alive.
Red White & Blue
A damaged woman strikes up a tentative bond with an Iraq veteran in this psychological horror.
A Serbian Film
Controversial film about a porn star's descent into depravity.
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
A tragedy that befalls five youths in the Texas outback takes horror to a new dimension.


We Are What We Are
A sinister family face tough times after their "breadwinner" dies.

59th New York Film Festival early bird highlights Futura, Jane By Charlotte, James Baldwin: From Another Place and The Velvet Underground

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