The Brøken
A woman's life begins to spiral out of control after she sees her doppelganger. Read our with Sean Ellis.


Death Race
A prisoner is offered his freedom if he can win a motor race - but just staying alive is hard enough!
The Disappeared
A youth released from a mental hospital tries to get back to normal but is haunted by the voice of his younger brother, who disappeared.
Eden Lake
A young couple spending a romantic weekend in the woods fall foul of an angry group of teenagers.
Fear(s) Of The Dark
Ten animations from the dark side.


Let The Right One In
A touching story of first romance... with a side-serving of horror.


The Midnight Meat Train
A photographer stalks a serial killer who picks off his victims on the LA underground.
Something nasty is lurking through the looking glass...
After being abducted and abused when she was younger, a young girl seeks revenge on those she believes to be responsible. Plus read our .
Mum And Dad
Brit horror, sees an airport worker face the perils of a close-knit family. In cinemas and on DVD this Boxing Day. Plus read our with Perry Benson.


Red Mist
A coma victim with psychic powers hunts down the medical students who tormented him.
Scar 3D
Torture porn taken to the next dimension, which may well not be a good thing.
The Strangers
A young couple are terrorised by a group of masked home invaders.
Trailer Park Of Terror
A bus load of high school kids stumble upon a trailer park full of blood-thirsty zombies.
When a man accidentally travels back in time, he finds restoring the status quo is easier said than done. Plus read our exclusive interview with director Nacho Vigalondo.

59th New York Film Festival early bird highlights Futura, Jane By Charlotte, James Baldwin: From Another Place and The Velvet Underground

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