French Film Festival 2020

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The Finishers The Finishers
The Finishers and The Bears' Famous Invasion
Aïlo’s Journey (Aïlo: Une odyssée en Laponie, A Reindeer's Journey) (Country: Finland, France; Year: 2018; Director: Guillaume Maidatchevsky; Writer: Guillaume Maidatchevsky, Morgan Navarro, Marko Röhr)
Follow the adventures of young reindeer Aïlo in his first year, as he learns to survive in the frozen taiga landscape of Lapland.
The Bears' Famous Invasion (La Famosa Invasione Degli Orsi In Sicilia) (Country: France, Italy; Year: 2019; Director: Lorenzo Mattotti; Writer: Thomas Bidegain, Dino Buzzati, Jean-Luc Fromental, Lorenzo Mattotti; Stars: Leïla Bekhti, Arthur Dupont, Jean-Claude Carrière, Thomas Bidegain, Thierry Hancisse, Leïla Bekhti, Arthur Dupont, Jean-Claude Carrière, Thomas Bidegain, Thierry Hancisse)
A bear king decides to invade the land of men after his son is kidnapped.
The Finishers (De toutes nos forces) (Country: France, Belgium; Year: 2013; Director: Nils Tavernier; Writer: Laurent Bertoni, Pierre Leyssieux, Nils Tavernier; Stars: Jacques Gamblin, Alexandra Lamy, Fabien Héraud, Sophie de Furst, Pablo Pauly, Xavier Mathieu, Christelle Cornil, Fred Epaud, Sandra Leclercq, Lydia Guillermin, Sonia Jacob, Laura Lardeux, Yvette Petit, Hélène Gourdin Doherty, Raphaël Boyes)
Drama about a man and his handicapped son as they participate in the gruelling Ironman triathlon. Inspired by true events.
My Family And The Wolf (Country: France, Belgium; Year: 2019; Director: Adrià García; Writer: Valérie Magis, Stéphane Malandrin, Víctor Maldonado, Christine Ponzevera, Alfredo Torres; Stars: Carmen Maura, Pierre Rochefort, Bruno Salomone, Franc Bruneau, Baptiste Sornin, Tatiana Gousseff, Veronica Novak, Wim Willaert, Enzo Ingignoli, Charline Emane, Filip Junescu, Rose Grach de Gouvello, Ambre Hasaj, Marion Brunner, Manon Balthazard)
An unforgettable summer at grandma's house.
Stars By The Pound (Country: France; Year: 2018; Director: Marie-Sophie Chambon; Stars: Laura Duchene)
A teenager dreams of becoming an astronaut, but although gifted in physics, she is morbidly obese and shattered by life. Her life changes when she makes some new friends who ate ready to leave with her for outer space.

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