The world's largest film festival devoted to fantasy and science fiction is back with a stellar line-up for 2022. Based in Austin, Texas, it's an important platform for launching titles which you will see in cinemas an on streaming services around the world over the next two years.

The festival runs from 22 to 29 September.

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The People's Joker
The People's Joker
An aspiring clown grappling with her gender identity combats a fascistic caped crusader.
Everyone Will Burn
Everyone Will Burn
In a small village in Leon, Spain, María José prepares to end her life after failing to get over the suicide of her bullied son years before. Everything changes when she receives a visit from Lucía, a strange little girl who could be connected to a local legend about stopping an impending apocalypse.
The Elderly
The Elderly
An octogenarian, who enters into a state of dementia after the sudden suicide of his wife, sparks a series of paranormal events that will put his family's lives at risk.
After moving into a new apartment with her boyfriend, a woman is plagued by bad dreams which seem to spill over into waking life. Is she losing her mind, or finding it?
Medusa Deluxe
Medusa Deluxe
A murder mystery set in a competitive hairdressing competition.
A Life On The Farm
A Life On The Farm
A strange story from Somerset, England about a filmmaking farmer and the inspiring legacy of his long-lost home movies.
The Strange Case Of Jacky Caillou
The Strange Case Of Jacky Caillou
When his grandmother suddenly passes away and a young woman with a mysterious rash arrives on his doorstep, a young man tries to help her. As her condition worsens, it becomes clear that she’s afflicted with no ordinary illness. She’s transforming into something dangerous before his eyes, but he’s already in too deep to abandon her.
Bad City
Bad City
A recently disgraced detective leads a special unit in an effort to stop a crime boss from becoming mayor.
The Five Devils
The Five Devils
Eight-year-old Vicky possesses a special power: a hyperacute sense of smell. She spends her days exploring this gift, and lives happily with her mother Joanne, a swimming teacher whom she adores exclusively - to the despair of her firefighter father. When her mysterious aunt Julia suddenly reappears in their lives, secrets from their past resurface both violently and magically.
Mister Organ
Mister Organ
A documentary about car clamping, an antique shop, an extortion scandal and a mystery man who might be a prince.
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Fantastic Fest Features

Director blown away by 'amazing' Adèle
Léa Mysius and Exarchopoulos talk about The Five Devils
From super-heroes to Dali
It’s a mad world according to Smoking Makes You Cough director Quentin Dupieux
Out of this world
Edouard Salier on stretching the bounds of genre in Tropic
The woman who wouldn't let go
Gabriel Bier Gislason on occult horror, Jewish mothers and Attachment
Out of nightmare
Oliver Park on Jewish horror, taking it slowly, and The Offering
Divine fury
Travis Stevens on artistic collaboration in A Wounded Fawn
A gran plan for action
Martika Ramirez Escobar on the evolving worlds of Leonor Will Never Die
A sense of the cinematic
Luis Javier Henaine on Mexican witchcraft and Disappear Completely
A friend till the end
Kyra Elise Gardner on growing up with a killer doll and making Living With Chucky
Daphné Baiwir on the work of Stephen King and making King On Screen
A flame of hope
Kristina Buozyte and Bruno Samper on looking beyond collapse, and Vesper
Putting on a show
Amanda Kramer on live shows, colour, taking risks and Give Me Pity!
The violence we don't see
Carlota Pereda on bullying, normalised violence and Piggy
Down the rabbit hole
Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead on Something In The Dirt
Getting the bug
Carter Smith on queering horror in Swallowed
Diet of worms
Alex Phillips and Ben Gojer on psychosis, special effects and All Jacked Up And Full Of Worms
Nashville story
Mickey Reece on imagining conversations and shooting Country Gold
That timeless fairy-tale quality
Peter Hengl on Hansel and Gretel, the need to control, and Family Dinner
The outside story
Juan Felipe Zuleta, Matthew Jeffers and Sarah Hay on Unidentified Objects
Beauty is scary.. looks are a currency
Director Ruben Östlund on the starting point for Triangle Of Sadness
Bejo’s caring skills lead to zombie role
Actress turned up the pressure on director during Covid

59th New York Film Festival early bird highlights Futura, Jane By Charlotte, James Baldwin: From Another Place and The Velvet Underground

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