Sheffield DocFest 2022

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Nothing Compares Nothing Compares
Nothing Compares and The Territory
Breaking The Brick (Country: Chile; Year: 2022; Director: Carola Fuentes, Rafael Valdeavellano)
Two Chileans, on opposing sides of the political spectrum, experience a year of turmoil as protests give way to transformation.
Delikado (Country: Philippines, Hong Kong, Australia, USA, UK; Year: 2022; Director: Karl Malakunas)
Bobby, Tata and Nieves – a charismatic lawyer, a former illegal logger and a fearless politician – are three magnetic leaders fighting to stop corporations and governments seeking to plunder increasingly valuable natural resources from the island of Palawan.
Lyra (Country: UK; Year: 2021; Director: Alison Millar)
Portrait of Lyra McKee, the 29-year-old Northern Irish investigative journalist who was murdered by the New IRA.
Marwan - Tomorrow's Freedom (Country: UK; Year: 2022; Director: Sophia Scott, Georgia Scott)
The story of Marwan Barghouti, often described as the ‘Palestinian Nelson Mandela’, is serving five life sentences in an Israeli prison.
Nothing Compares (Country: UK, Ireland; Year: 2022; Director: Kathryn Ferguson; Writer: Eleanor Emptage, Kathryn Ferguson, Michael Mallie; Stars: Sinéad O'Connor)
The story of Sinéad O'Connor's phenomenal rise to worldwide fame and subsequent exile from the pop mainstream. Focusing on Sinéad's prophetic words and deeds from 1987 to 1993, the film reflects on the legacy of this fearless trailblazer through a contemporary feminist lens.
One Day In Ukraine (Country: Ukraine, Poland; Year: 2022; Director: Volodymyr Tykhyy; Writer: Volodymyr Tykhyy)
A film playing out on a single day, March 22, 2022, the 2,944th day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
Our Bodies Are Your Battlefields (Country: France, Argentina; Year: 2021; Director: Isabelle Solas)
Turns a spotlight on the fight for trans rights across Argentina’s polarised political landscape.
Outside (Country: Ukraine, Netherlands, Denmark; Year: 2022; Director: Olha Zhurba)
The story of Roma, who at the age of 13 became the poster child of the 2014 revolution.
Overcoming The Darkness (Country: Ukraine; Year: 2022; Director: Kinodopomoha)
A kaleidoscope of stories shining a light on Ukrainians bravely defending their land against the Russian invasion.
Pongo Calling (Country: Czech Republic, Slovakia, United Kingdom; Year: 2022; Director: Tomáš Kratochvíl)
From his truck, rising online star Štefan Pongo streams his political rants and creates social media movements that go viral, in support of Romani people across Europe.
Some Women (Country: Singapore; Year: 2021; Director: Quen Wong; Writer: Quen Wong; Stars: Lune Loh, Sanisa, Quen Wong)
Counting down to her wedding day, Quen explores the journey to her current trans woman identity.
The Territory (Country: Brazil, Denmark, US; Year: 2022; Director: Alex Pritz)
When a network of Brazilian farmers seizes a protected area of the Amazon rainforest, a young Indigenous leader and his mentor must fight back in defense of the land and an uncontacted group living deep within the forest.

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