Sheffield DocFest 2010

A series of documentaries about the arts and about the creative individuals who make it all happen.

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Arena: Rolf Harris Paints His Dream (Country: UK; Year: 2010; Director: Vikram Jayanti)
The charismatic Australian octogenarian looks back on his remarkable career.
Belair (Country: Brazil; Year: 2009; Director: Bruno Safadi, Noa Bressane)
A look at the remarkable film legacy of Julio Bressane and Rogerio Sganzerla, unseen in its time due to pressure from the military dictatorship.
...but Film Is My Mistress (Country: Sweden; Year: 2010; Director: Stig Björkman; Stars: Ingmar Bergman, Liv Ullman)
A look back at the career of the great Ingmar Bergman, seen partly through the eyes of his actress muse.
Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child (Country: US; Year: 2010; Director: Tamra Davis)
The story of artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, whose work defined, electrified and challenged an era, and whose untimely death at age 27 has made him a cultural icon.
Marwencol (Country: US; Year: 2010; Director: Jeff Malmberg; Stars: Mark Hogancamp)
An introduction to the world of Mark Hogancamp, who reconstructed World War II era European town Marwencol in miniature in his back garden as he recovered from a coma.
Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow (Country: UK, France, Netherlands; Year: 2010; Director: Sophie Fiennes)
A tour of the haunting landscapes created by Anselm Kiefer, and the methods he uses to design and construct them.
Travelling Fields (Country: Norway; Year: 2010; Director: Inger Lise Hansen)
A visit to Russia's remote Kola peninsula.

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