Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2020

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Bert's Diary (Berts dagbok) (Country: Sweden; Year: 2020; Director: Michael Lindgren; Writer: Tapio Leopold; Stars: Hugo Krajcik, Julia Pirzadeh, Frank Dorsin, Yussra El Abdouni, Arvid Bergelv, Frode Östlin Westman, Nea Nohrstedt, Helena Lindegren, David Wiberg, Suzanne Reuter, Isa Aouifia, Björn Gustafsson, Ana Gil Nascimento de Melo, Filip Berg, Per Andersson)
A 7th grader with a crush finds a secret diary that marks the beginning of an eventful love story.
The Black Mill (Czarny mlyn) (Country: Poland; Year: 2020; Director: Mariusz Palej; Writer: Magdalena Niec, Katarzyna Stachowicz Gacek, Marcin Szczygielski; Stars: Marcin Dorocinski, Magdalena Niec, Ireneusz Koziol, Michal Lupa, Janusz Chabior, Magdalena Rózanska, Maria Ciunelis, Patrycja Durska, Oliwia Ogorzelska, Michal Rolnicki, Mateusz Winek, Jagoda Pietruszkówna, Iwo Wicinski, Robert Talarczyk, Borys Wicinski)
A group of children accidentally unleash the evil powers of a derelict mill.
The Fantastic Journey Of Margot & Marguerite (Country: France; Year: 2020; Director: Pierre Coré; Writer: Pierre Coré, Vincent Cuvellier, Stéphane Kazandjian, Benoît Robin; Stars: Lila Gueneau Lefas, Alice Pol, Clovis Cornillac, Nils Othenin-Girard, Grégori Derangère, Wladimir Yordanoff, Niseema Theillaud, Paul Birchard, Anne Charrier, Geneviève Casile, Markus Gläser, Pierre-Marie Rochefort-Schneider, Jan Oliver Schroeder, Sophie Gourdin, Franz Liebig)
Margot and Marguerite are both 12... one from 1942 and the other from 2020, who find their lives brought together for adventure by a mysterious chest.
Glassboy (Country: Italy, Austria, Switzerland; Year: 2020; Director: Samuele Rossi; Writer: Rolando Colla, Josella Porto, Samuele Rossi; Stars: Andrea Arru, Loretta Goggi, Rosa Barbolini, Stefano Trapuzzano, Mia Pomelari, Gabriel Mannozzi De Cristofaro, Luca Cagnetta, Stefano Di Via, Emanuele De Paolis, Pascal Ulli, Giorgio Colangeli, Giorgia Wurth, Massimo De Lorenzo, David Paryla, Andrea Arru)
Pino has haemophilia but he's determined to show everyone that he can live his life like a normal kid.
Jackie And Oopjen (Jackie & Oopjen) (Country: Netherlands; Year: 2020; Director: Annemarie van de Mond; Writer: Myranda Jongeling; Stars: Frouke Verheijde, Sarah Bannier, Karina Smulders, Saar van Aken, Leny Breederveld, Bert Hana, Jaap Spijkers, Jochen Otten, Karmela Shako, Roben Mitchell, Dick van den Toorn, Gürkan Küçüksentürk, Ron Fresen, Sieger Sloot, Tanja Jess)
When a youngster is wandering around the Rijksmuseum a character from a Rembrandt painting comes to life. The apir of them embark on an adventure to find Oopjen's sister.
Madison (Madison - A Fast Friendship) (Country: Germany, Austria; Year: 2020; Director: Kim Strobl; Writer: Milan Dor, Kim Strobl; Stars: Felice Ahrens, Pauline Grabosch, Florian Lukas, Yanis Scheurer, Valentin Schreyer, Maxi Warwel, Felice Ahrens, Pauline Grabosch, Florian Lukas, Yanis Scheurer, Valentin Schreyer, Maxi Warwel)
A teenage racing cyclist following in her father's footsteps finds herself setting new goals after unwillingly having a go at mountain biking.
One For All (Country: Spain; Year: 2020; Director: David Ilundain; Writer: Coral Cruz, David Planell, Valentina Viso; Stars: David Verdaguer, Patricia López Arnaiz, Clara Segura, Betsy Túrnez, Ana Labordeta, Jorge Pobes, Valèria Endrino, Vega Vallés, Néstor Romero, David Verdaguer, Patricia López Arnaiz, Clara Segura, Betsy Túrnez, Ana Labordeta, Jorge Pobes)
A substitute teacher takes on a class of sixth graders in a town completely new to him. When he discovers that he has to reintegrate a sick student into the classroom he stumbles on an even bigger problem: none of his classmates wants him to return.
Pirates Down The Street (Country: Netherlands; Year: 2020; Director: Pim van Hoeve; Writer: Reggie Naus, Sander de Regt; Stars: Matti Stooker, Samuel Beau Reurekas, Celeste Holsheimer, Egbert Jan Weeber, Tygo Gernandt, Sarah Janneh, David Lucieer, Nyncke Beekhuyzen, Bert Hana, Sytske van der Ster, Peter van Heeringen, Anne-Marie Jung, Ilse Warringa, Matti Stooker, Samuel Beau Reurekas)
The ordinary coastal town Sandsborough is turned upside down when the Blunderbuss family arrives, a sword-fighting, rum-drinking bunch of pirates.
Raggie (Country: Estonia, Denmark; Year: 2020; Director: Meelis Arulepp, Karsten Kiilerich; Writer: Aina Järvine, Karsten Kiilerich, Eno Raud; Stars: Ott Sepp, Elo-Mirt Oja, Hugo Malmsten, Ago Anderson, Nikolai Bentsler, Piret Krumm, Hilje Murel, Eliise Mööl, Merle Palmiste, Tobias Turk, Jan Uuspõld, Helene Vannari, Ott Sepp, Elo-Mirt Oja, Hugo Malmsten)
Animation about a young girl and her rag doll which comes to life.
Summer Rebels (Country: Germany, Slovakia; Year: 2020; Director: Martina Sakova; Writer: Martina Sakova, Sülke Schulz; Stars: Eliás Vyskocil, Pavel Nový, Liana Pavlíková, Kaya Marie Möller, Szidi Tobias, Jana Olhová, Lunik Kleinmichel, Michal Kubovcík, Peter Oszlik, Michal Rovnák, Eliás Vyskocil, Pavel Nový, Liana Pavlíková, Kaya Marie Möller, Szidi Tobias)
Two smart kids and a witty maverick grandpa embark on an adventurous summer.
The Time Guardians (Country: Russia; Year: 2020; Director: Alexey Telnov; Stars: Artem Tkachenko, Lyubov Tolkalina, Ksenia Alekseeva)
After a car accident a girl finds herself in a Dark City, where she must rewind the city clock to stop a witch.
Yakari, A Spectacular Journey (Country: Belgium, France, Germany; Year: 2020; Director: Toby Genkel, Xavier Giacometti; Writer: Xavier Giacometti, Xavier Giacometti, André Jobin, Claude de Ribeaupierre; Stars: Diana Amft, Patrick Bach, Oscar Douieb, Kathleen Renish, Hans Sigl, Tom Trouffier, Diana Amft, Patrick Bach, Oscar Douieb, Kathleen Renish, Hans Sigl, Tom Trouffier)
With his tribe’s move to follow the migrating bison imminent, Yakari, the little Sioux boy, sets out on his own to follow the trail of Little Thunder, a wild mustang said to be untamable.

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