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Malmkrog Malmkrog
Malmkrog and The Metamorphosis Of Birds
Funny Face (Country: US; Year: 2020; Director: Tim Sutton; Writer: Tim Sutton; Stars: Cosmo Jarvis, Dela Meskienyar, Jonny Lee Miller, Jeremy Bobb, Dan Hedaya, Victor Garber, Rhea Perlman)
In a Brooklyn threatened by disfigurement from greedy urban developers, two young people meet in a late-night bodega. Their unexpected bond takes on a romantic tone and brings solace to these two superheroes who are powerless in the face of oppression.
Gunda (Country: Norway, US; Year: 2020; Director: Victor Kossakovsky)
Pigs, cows and chickens. Intimate portraits of living beings who wind up dead on a plate every day.
Isabella (Country: Argentina, France; Year: 2020; Director: Matías Piñeiro; Writer: Matías Piñeiro; Stars: María Villar, Agustina Muñoz, Pablo Sigal, Gabriela Saidon, María Villar, Agustina Muñoz, Pablo Sigal, Gabriela Saidon)
A woman trying to win a Shakespearean role keeps another woman who reminds her of her failures and makes her doubt herself.
Kill It And Leave This Town (Zabij to i wyjedz z tego miasta) (Country: Poland; Year: 2020; Director: Mariusz Wilczynski; Writer: Mariusz Wilczynski; Stars: Andrzej Wajda, Daniel Olbrychski, Krystyna Janda, Maja Ostaszewska, Magdalena Cielecka, Anna Dymna, Malgorzata Kozuchowska, Andrzej Chyra, Zbigniew Rybczynski, Barbara Krafftówna, Marek Kondrat, Mariusz Wilczynski, Anja Rubik, Krzysztof Kowalewski, Irena Kwiatkowska)
Autobiographical animation.
The Last City (Die Letzte Stadt) (Country: Germany; Year: 2020; Director: Heinz Emigholz; Writer: Heinz Emigholz; Stars: John Erdman, Dorothy Ko, Jonathan Perel, Susanne Sachße, Young Sun Han, Laurean Wagner, John Erdman, Dorothy Ko, Jonathan Perel, Susanne Sachße, Young Sun Han, Laurean Wagner)
In Be’er Sheva, Berlin, Athens, Hong Kong and São Paolo, Heinz Emigholz stages a series of provocative and unforgettable encounters that deal with social taboos that have become obsolete, generational conflicts, war guilt and cosmologies.
Shirley Shirley
Shirley and Gunda
Los Conductos (Country: France, Colombia, Brazil; Year: 2020; Director: Camilo Restrepo; Writer: Camilo Restrepo; Stars: Fernando Úsaga Higuíta, Luis Felipe Lozano, Fernando Úsaga Higuíta, Luis Felipe Lozano)
Pinky is on the run. Ghosts are chasing him through an empty, apocalyptic city.
Malmkrog (Country: Romania, Serbia, Switzerland, Sweden, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Macedonia; Year: 2020; Director: Cristi Puiu; Writer: Cristi Puiu, based on the book by Vladimir Solovyov; Stars: Agathe Bosch, Ugo Broussot, Marina Palii, Diana Sakalauskaité, Frédéric Schulz-Richard, István Teglas)
Guests at the mansion of man of the world Nikolai discuss death, the Antichrist, history and rule, progress and morality.
The Metamorphosis Of Birds (A metamorfose dos pássaros) (Country: Portugal; Year: 2020; Director: Catarina Vasconcelos; Writer: Catarina Vasconcelos; Stars: Manuel Rosa, João Móra, Ana Vasconcelos, Henrique Vasconcelos, Inês Campos, Catarina Vasconcelos, José Manuel Mendes, João Pedro Mamede, Cláudia Varejão, Luísa Ministro, José Maria Rosa, João Vasconcelos, Nuno Vasconcelos)
Beatriz and Henrique fall in love and get married. He goes to sea while she raises their inquisitive children. The director brings her family's story to the screen.
Naked Animals (Country: Germany; Year: 2020; Director: Melanie Waelde; Writer: Melanie Waelde; Stars: Michelangelo Fortuzzi, Luna Baptiste Schaller, Markus von Lingen, Luna Arwen Krüger, Marie Tragousti, Sammy Scheuritzel, Ulrike Hübschmann, Paul Michael Stiehler, Florian Schmidtke, Xenia Tiling, Marie Meissner, Katrin Beckmann, Gustav Stolze, Marianna Linden)
Coming-of-age drama focused on five young people in provincial Germany.
Orphea (Country: Germany; Year: 2020; Director: Khavn, Alexander Kluge; Writer: Douglas Candano, Khavn, Alexander Kluge; Stars: Lilith Stangenberg, Ian Madrigal, Lilith Stangenberg, Ian Madrigal)
A switched gender version of Orpheus and Eurydice.
Servants Servants
Servants and Los Conductos
Servants (Sluzobnici) (Country: Slovakia, Romania, Czech Republic, Ireland; Year: 2020; Director: Ivan Ostrochovský; Writer: Rebecca Lenkiewicz, Marek Lescák, Ivan Ostrochovský; Stars: Vlad Ivanov, Martin Sulík, Samuel Skyva, Milan Mikulcík, Zvonko Lakcevic, Vladimír Zboron, Tomas Turek, Vladimír Strnisko, Vladimír Obsil, Samuel Polakovic, Vlad Ivanov, Martin Sulík, Samuel Skyva, Milan Mikulcík, Zvonko Lakcevic)
Czechoslovakia in the early 1980s. The Communist regime threatens to subjugate the Catholic Church. Will young seminarians Michal and Juraj remain true to their ideals?
The Shepherdess And The Seven Songs (Laila aur satt geet) (Country: India; Year: 2020; Director: Pushpendra Singh; Stars: Navjot Randhawa, Shahnawaz Bhat, Ranjit Khajuria, Sadakkit Bijran, Mohammed Yassen, Navjot Randhawa, Shahnawaz Bhat, Ranjit Khajuria, Sadakkit Bijran, Mohammed Yassen)
Story of love and temptation set against the backdrop of the Kashmir conflict.
Shirley (Country: US; Year: 2020; Director: Josephine Decker; Writer: Sarah Gubbins, Susan Scarf Merrell; Stars: Elisabeth Moss, Logan Lerman, Michael Stuhlbarg, Odessa Young, Margarita Allen, Steve Vinovich, Ryan Spahn, Lexa Hayes, Adelind Horan, Molly Fahey, Allen McCullough, Thomas Racek, Edward O'Blenis, Emily Decker, Tony Manna)
A young couple moves in with the famed author, Shirley Jackson, and her Bennington College professor husband, Stanley Hyman, in the hope of starting a new life but instead find themselves fodder for a psycho-drama that inspires Shirley's next novel.
The Trouble With Being Born (Country: Austria, Germany; Year: 2020; Director: Sandra Wollner; Writer: Sandra Wollner; Stars: Jana McKinnon, Ingrid Burkhard, Susanne Gschwendtner, Dominik Warta, Lena Watson, Jana McKinnon, Ingrid Burkhard, Susanne Gschwendtner, Dominik Warta, Lena Watson)
Ten-year-old Elli is an android. She loves the man she calls “Daddy” and is the vessel for his memories, which mean nothing to her, but everything to him.
The Works and Days (of Tayoko Shiojiri in the Shiotani Basin) (Werke und Tage (der Tayoko Shiojiri im Shiotanibecken)) (Country: US, Sweden, Japan, UK; Year: 2020; Director: CW Winter, Anders Edström; Stars: Tayoko Shiojiri, Hiroharu Shikata, Ryo Kase, Mai Edström, Kaoru Iwahana)
Portrait of the work and non-work of a farmer in a village in the mountains of Kyoto Prefecture.

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