Berlin International Film Festival 2015

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The Bunker (Der Bunker) (Country: Germany; Year: 2015; Director: Nikias Chryssos; Writer: Nikias Chryssos; Stars: Pit Bukowski, Daniel Fripan, Oona von Maydell, David Scheller)
A young student finds trouble when she begins to teach a home-schooled boy in his parents' bunker-like mansion.
Homesick (Country: Germany, Austria; Year: 2015; Director: Jakob M Erwa; Writer: Jakob M Erwa; Stars: Heike Hanold-Lynch, Ralph Kretschmar, Tatja Seibt, Hermann Beyer, Eric Bouwer, Barbara Sotelsek, Karim Cherif, Lutz Blochberger, Esther Maria Pietsch, Janusz Cichocki, Matthias Lier, Johannes Richard Voelkel, Aline Eydam, Lucia Luciano)
Life and imagination start to blur for an under-pressure cello student.
I Remember (Country: US, Germany; Year: 2015; Director: Janna Ji Wonders; Writer: Sarah Bräuer, Sarah Bräuer, Zoran Drvenkar, Janna Ji Wonders, Janna Ji Wonders; Stars: Jude Thomas, Spencer Kennedy, Robyn Miller, James Fox, Scott Thomas, Mimi Calpestri, Howard Dillon, Rick Sweet)
Two teenagers find their friendship tested when a mysterious woman moves in nextdoor.
A Perfect Place (Ein idealer Ort) (Country: Germany; Year: 2015; Director: Anatol Schuster; Writer: Anatol Schuster; Stars: Jule Böwe, Raja Rexin, Lukas Kühl, Robert Schupp, Barbara Philipp, Jürgen Hartmann, Radik Golovkov, Eva-Maria Blumentrath, Matthias Neukirch, Martin Fulbrecht, Sebastian Fulbrecht)
Examining how spaces and places have lives of their own.
Sibylle (Country: Germany, Italy; Year: 2015; Director: Michael Krummenacher; Writer: Silvia Wolkan, Michael Krummenacher; Stars: Anne Ratte-Polle, Thomas Loibl, Dennis Kamitz, Levi Lang, Heiko Pinkowski, Andreas Lust, Thomas Fränzel, Elisabeth Rath, Thomas Bestvater, Franziska Rieck, Peter Baranowski, Eva Wittenzellner, Angelika Fink, Silke Heise, Luca Gatta)
A woman finds her perspective shifting after witnessing a suicide.
Spiderwebhouse (Im Spinnwebhaus) (Country: Germany; Year: 2015; Director: Mara Eibl-Eibesfeldt; Writer: Johanna Stuttmann; Stars: Ben Litwinschuh, Lutz Simon Eilert, Helena Pieske, Ludwig Trepte, Matthias Koeberlin, Sylvie Testud, Alexandra Finder, Petra Fehrmann, Katharina Ley)
A single mum disappears, triggering a tale about the strong bond that develops between her three left-behind children.
Wanja (Country: Germany; Year: 2015; Director: Carolina Hellsgård; Writer: Carolina Hellsgård; Stars: Anne Ratte-Polle, Nele Trebs, Robert Viktor Minich, Marko Dyrlich, Michael Baderschneider, Mehmet Yilmaz, Jan Bülow, Tim Blochwitz, Hauke Petersen, Zita Aretz, Joachim Schoenfeld, Florian Anderer, Rike Eckermann, Cornelius Schwalm, Laura Kiehne)
A 40-year-old excon – far removed from crime and drugs – seeks a new life for herself.

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