AV Festival 2016

The full programme is below. Where a film is showing as part of a showcase, it is indicated in itallics.

Housing Problems Housing Problems
Housing Problems and Spare Time
AKA: Serial Killer (Ryakushô renzoku shasatsuma) (Country: Japan; Year: 1969; Director: Masao Adachi)
A teenager's murderous rampage.
The Anabasis of May and Fusako Shigenobu, Masao Adachi and 27 Years Without Images (L'anabase de May et Fusako Shigenobu, Masao Adachi et 27 années sans images) (Country: France; Year: 2011; Director: Eric Baudelaire)
Political and personal epic of the Japanese Red Army.
An Unprecedented Campaign (Country: Ukraine; Year: 1931; Director: Mikhail Kaufman )
Silent film shot during Stalin's Five-Year Plan.
Showing with a live soundtrack from Test Dept.
Between Times (Year: 1993; Director: Marc Karlin)
Essay film on the future of the British Left.
Close Up (Year: 1983; Director: Peter Gidal)
Anti-narrative cinematic consideration of materialism.
Revue Revue
Revue and Land Of Promise
A Dream From The Bath (Country: UK; Year: 1988; Director: Marc Karlin)
Response to the 1985 Films Act.
Showing with The Serpent and The Haircut.
Earth (Zemlya) (Country: Soviet Union; Year: 1930; Director: Aleksandr Dovzhenko; Writer: Aleksandr Dovzhenko; Stars: Stepan Shkurat, Semyon Svashenko, Yuliya Solntseva, Yelena Maksimova, Nikolai Nademsky, Ivan Franko, Pyotr Masokha, Vladimir Mikhaylov, Pavel Petrik, P. Umanets, Ye. Bondina, Luka Lyashenko, Vasiliy Krasenko, M. Matsyutsia, Nikolai Mikhajlov)
In the countryside, Vassily opposes the rich kulaks over the coming of collective farming.
Eastern Valley (Country: UK; Year: 1937; Director: Donald Alexander, Paul Rotha)
Documentary detailing the establishment of a co-operative society by unemployed miners in Wales.
Showing as part of 1930s-40s British Documentary Movement.
The Event (Sobytie) (Country: Netherlands, Belgium; Year: 2015; Director: Sergei Loznitsa; Writer: Sergei Loznitsa)
Archival documentary of a failed 1991 putsch that signalled the fall of the Soviet Union.
Enthusiasm: Symphony Of The Donbass (Entuziazm: Simfoniya Donbassa) (Country: Russia; Year: 1930; Director: Dziga Vertov)
A symphonic tribute to the industrial workers of Donbass, looking at the dangers posed by religion and alcohol.
A Dream From The Bath A Dream From The Bath
A Dream From The Bath and We Are The Lambeth Boys
A Farewell To Cinema (Country: Ukraine; Year: 1995; Director: Israel Goldstein)
Documentary about post-Soviet society’s abandonment of cinema in favour of the free market.
Showing with Levels Of Democracy, Tomorrow It's A Holiday and Mic-ro-phone!
For Memory (Country: UK; Year: 1982; Director: Marc Karlin)
Contemplation of cultural amnesia initiated through the memories of members of the British Army Film Unit present and the liberation of the Belsen Concentration Camp.
The Haircut (Country: UK; Year: 1998; Director: Marc Karlin)
Using Princess Diana's funeral as a theme, the filmmaker imagines a 'Teardome' to help those unable to weep at state events.
Showing with A Dream From The Bath and The Serpent.
Housing Problems (Country: UK; Year: 1935; Director: Edgar Anstey, Arthur Elton; Stars: Councillor Lauder, Mr. Norwood, Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Graves, Mr. Berner, Mrs. Reddington, Mrs. Atride)
A British documentary movement film drawing attention to the living conditions in the slums of 1930s Britain.
Showing as part of 1930s-40s British Documentary Movement.
In Spring (Country: Soviet Union; Year: 1929; Director: Mikhail Kaufman; Writer: Mikhail Kaufman)
An avant-garde depiction of a city awakening after winter, shot using a hidden camera.
The Silent Village The Silent Village
The Silent Village and Nightcleaners
Land Of Promise (Country: UK; Year: 1946; Director: Paul Rotha; Writer: Ara Calder-Marshall, Miles Malleson, Miles Tomalin, Wolfgang Wilhelm; Stars: Frederick Allen, Elizabeth Cowell, Henry Hallett, Herbert Lomas, Miles Malleson, John Mills, Marjorie Rhodes)
An impassioned post-war call for nationally co-ordinated action to solve the housing crisis that had blighted lives for decades.
Showing as part of 1930s-40s British Documentary Movement.
Levels Of Democracy (Country: Ukraine; Year: 1992; Director: Heorhii Shkliarevsky)
Documentary about mass actions on the streets of Kyiv between 1989 and 1991 just before the collapse of the Soviet Union.
Showing with Tomorrow It's A Holiday, A Farewell To Cinema and Mic-ro-phone!
Listen To Britain (Country: UK; Year: 1942; Director: Humphrey Jennings, Stewart McAllister; Writer: Humphrey Jennings, Stewart McAllister; Stars: Leonard Brockington, Joseph Macleod, Bud Flanagan, Chesney Allen, Myra Hess, Queen Elizabeth Mother the Queen)
A symphony of sounds in a day in the life of Britain during wartime.
Showing as part of Finest Hour: Films By Humphrey Jennings.
Maidan (Country: Ukraine, Netherlands; Year: 2014; Director: Sergei Loznitsa)
A documentary about the unrest in Ukraine in 2013 and 2014.
March To Aldermaston (Country: UK; Year: 1959; Director: Lindsay Anderson, Karel Reisz; Stars: Richard Burton)
Documentary about the 1958 CND march.
Showing with We Are The Lambeth Boys and Refuge England.
Today We Live Today We Live
Today We Live and Words For Battle
Mic-ro-phone! (Country: Ukraine; Year: 1988; Director: Heorhii Shkliarevsky)
Revealing the affect of Chernobyl on Ukraine's independence.
Showing with Levels Of Democracy, A Farewell To Cinema and Tomorrow It's A Holiday.
The Miners' Film (Country: UK; Year: 1975; Director: Cinema Action)
Documents the 1973-4 miners’ strike that helped bring down Edward Heath’s government, articulated through the voices of miners, their families and union officials.
Nicaragua Part 1: Voyages (Country: UK; Year: 1985; Director: Marc Karlin)
Reflections of a US photographer who documented two insurrections leading to the overthrow of the Somoza family in Nicaragua.
Nicaragua Part 2: The Making Of A Nation (Year: 1985; Director: Marc Karlin)
The reclamation of Nicaragua's identity.
Nicaragua Part 3: In Their Time (Country: UK; Year: 1985; Director: Marc Karlin)
Focusing on the daily life of journalists working for the Sandinista National Liberation Front.
Maidan Maidan
Maidan and Utopias
Nicaragua Part 4: Changes (Country: UK; Year: 1985; Director: Marc Karlin)
Portrait of a rural area at the time of the 1984 elections.
Nightcleaners (Country: UK; Year: 1975; Director: Marc Karlin, James Scott)
A documentary about the campaign to unionise underpaid and victimised women who clean office blocks at night.
No Place For Fools (Year: 2015; Director: Oleg Mavromatti; Writer: Oleg Mavromatti)
Composed from a vlog, this is the story of a gay man converted by Church and state propaganda into an Orthodox Christian pro-Putin activist.
The Poor Stockinger, the Luddite Cropper and the Deluded Followers of Joanna Southcott (Country: United Kingdom; Year: 2012; Director: Luke Fowler)
Documentary on the work of the Marxist historian Edward Palmer Thompson, who was employed from 1946 by the Workers’ Education Association to teach literature and social history to adults in the industrial towns of the West Riding.
Quarter Number 4/11 (Country: India; Year: 2011; Director: Ranu Ghosh)
A ground zero perspective of urban real estate development, as witnessed by director/cinematographer Ranu Ghosh and narrated through the plight of an ex-factory worker Shambhu Prasad Singh, a victim of this development in Calcutta's South City, a residential complex-cum-shopping mall-cum-school for the wealthy.
Listen To Britain Listen To Britain
Listen To Britain and Eastern Valley
Red Army/PFLP: Declaration of World War (Sekigun-P.F.L.P: Sekai sensô sengen) (Country: Japan; Year: 1971; Director: Masao Adachi, Kôji Wakamatsu)
Propaganda newsreel about Palestine refugee camps.
Refuge England (Country: UK; Year: 1959; Director: Robert Vas; Writer: Laszlo Marton, Robert Vas; Stars: Bill Collins, Abdul Hamid Khan, Tibor Molnár, Leonard Ryland)
The film records the experiences of a Hungarian refugee arriving in London with no English, little money and with his only prospect of help an incomplete address written on a postcard.
Showing with March To Aldermaston and We Are The Lambeth Boys.
Resistance (Country: UK; Year: 1976; Director: Ken McMullen, Christopher Rodrigues; Stars: Stuart Brisley, Mark Chaimowicz, Ian Kellgren)
Drawing together fragments to tell the story of the French Resistance.
Revue (Predstavlenie) (Country: Germany, Russia, Ukraine; Year: 2008; Director: Sergei Loznitsa)
Based on archive propaganda newsreels produced in the USSR in the 1950s and 60s.
Scenes For A Revolution (Year: 1991; Director: Marc Karlin)
After a five-year absence, the filmmaker returns to the country to examine the history of the Sandanista government.
Refuge England Refuge England
Refuge England and The Poor Stockinger, the Luddite Cropper and the Deluded Followers of Joanna Southcott
The Serpent (Year: 1997; Director: Marc Karlin)
Fantasy docu-drama about a man who is a Blairite by day and a supporter of Ken Livingstone by night, try to rid Britain of Rupert Murdoch and his outlets.
Showing with A Dream From The Bath and The Haircut.
The Silent Village (Country: UK, Czechoslovakia; Year: 1943; Director: Humphrey Jennings; Stars: Villagers of Cwmgiedd)
The true story of the massacre of a small Czech village by the Nazis is retold as if it happened in Wales.
Showing as part of Finest Hour: Films By Humphrey Jennings.
So That You Can Live (Country: UK; Year: 1981; Director: Cinema Action; Stars: Diane Butts, Roy Butts, Royston Butts, Shirley Butts)
Study of the life of Shirley Butts, an engineering union convenor who loses her job after a strike over equal pay.
Spare Time (Country: UK; Year: 1939; Director: Humphrey Jennings; Stars: Laurie Lee)
A look at how industry workers spend their off-hours.
Showing as part of Finest Hour: Films By Humphrey Jennings.
The Target Is your Brain (Country: Soviet Union; Year: 1984; Director: Victor Olender, Feliks Sobolev; Writer: V Barsuk; Stars: Vladimir Artyomov, Oleg Feofanov, M Volkov)
The creating of illusions and propaganda in the American landscape.
Enthusiasm: Symphony Of The Donbass Enthusiasm: Symphony Of The Donbass
Enthusiasm: Symphony Of The Donbass and Earth
Today We Live (To-Day We Live: A Film of Life in Britain) (Country: UK; Year: 1937; Director: Ralph Bond, Ruby Grierson; Writer: Stuart Legg; Stars: Narrated by Howard Marshall)
Documentary entwining stories from the Rhondda Valley and rural Gloucestershire, showing communities trying to make constructive attempts to improve themselves.
Showing as part of 1930s-40s British Documentary Movement.
Tomorrow It's A Holiday (Country: Ukraine; Year: 1987; Director: Serhii Bukovsky)
Reflection on the way the Soviet production system turns workers themselves into commodities.
Showing with Levels Of Democracy, A Farewell To Cinema and Mic-ro-phone!
The Ugly One (Country: France; Year: 2013; Director: Eric Baudelaire; Writer: Masao Adachi, Eric Baudelaire, Laure Vermeersch; Stars: Juliette Navis, Saleh Mohamed Daoud, Hassan Mrad, Rodney El Haddad, Fadi Abi Samra, Manal Khader, Rabih Mroue, Masao Adachi)
On a beach in Beirut, Lili and Michel meet… or maybe they are coming together again. An unlikely couple caught between two different eras, between a future and a past that seem possibly interchangeable, they are trying to establish what is an ambiguous memory: that of a terrorist act, an explosion and the loss of a child, Elena.
Utopias (Year: 1989; Director: Marc Karlin; Writer: Marc Karlin, David Gyln)
A series of individuals explain what socialism means to them.
We Are The Lambeth Boys (Country: UK; Year: 1958; Director: Karel Reisz; Stars: Jon Rollason, Tony Benson, Adrian Harding, Brian Mott)
Follows a group of teenagers at work and in their leisure time, giving them space to express their frustrations and aspirations.
Showing with March To Aldermaston and Refuge England.
So That You Can Live So That You Can Live
So That You Can Live and The Miners' Film
Winstanley (Country: UK; Year: 1975; Director: Kevin Brownlow; Writer: Kevin Brownlow, David Caute, Andrew Mollo; Stars: Miles Halliwell, Jerome Willis, Terry Higgins, Phil Oliver, David Bramley, Alison Halliwell, Dawson France, Bill Petch, Barry Shaw, Sid Rawle)
Meticulously researched and sparely beautiful account of the creation and destruction of England’s first commune.
Words For Battle (Country: UK; Year: 1941; Director: Humphrey Jennings; Writer: William Blake, Winston Churchill, Rudyard Kipling, Abraham Lincoln, John Milton; Stars: Laurence Olivier, Winston Churchill, Joseph Goebbels, Adolf Hitler)
Poetry and excerpts considering conflict.
Showing as part of Finest Hour: Films By Humphrey Jennings.

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