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DVD Rating: *****

Reviewed by: Jane Fae

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Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

As one of the world's greatest Wonder Woman fans, it pains me to report that the dvd was really rather a disappointment.

And no: I did not suddenly become aware of a different side of WW's character, dislike the sound quality or otherwise have issue with the production. Rather, this is about disappointment and expectation unfulfilled. Like: it's grand to receive a pony for your birthday; but if your parents previously promised a 16-hand thoroughbred hunter.

So it was with the DVD, as I searched in vain for the goodies promised in the press release and elsewhere – and came up with a single worthy add-on, in the form of an interview with director Patty Jenkins about why she had decided to locate the film action in what some have suggested was a most inappropriate conflict: the First World War.

But sadly, that was that. Not for me the extended scenes, blooper reel or the extra scene – Etta's Mission – which appears to set the audience up for future action in the DC universe (though since you can now find this out on YouTube, you can still catch up with it elsewhere).

Most of these, it would appear, are on the Blu-ray version: but I cannot be alone in pleading with film production companies to standardise this stuff. I've laboured the point a bit, but at least in my case, disappointment was only over a review copy. I would hate innocent fans, having read up the DVD reviews in the press, to spend out on the wrong version, and then feel cheated at not having access to all the stuff they thought they were promised.

As to the film itself: it remains great, a classic. I still prefer the cinema version because, why wouldn't I? There is much in Wonder Woman that is pretty ordinary narrative: but the large action scenes, in no man's land, or the spectacular finale in which she does battle with Ares will always work better on the big screen.

Otherwise, go forth and buy it. But do check to see which extras you are getting and if that is important to you, shop around.

Reviewed on: 16 Oct 2017
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An Amazon princess ventures into the outside world to try and end a war.
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