Woman In A Dressing Gown

Woman In A Dressing Gown

DVD Rating: ****

Reviewed by: Neil Mitchell

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A relatively brief, but thoroughly engaging, interview with Sylvia Sims offers an interesting insight into the making of the film, her desire to be involved with the project and her recollections of the film's warm reception on its release. A more in depth twenty minute interview with film expert Melanie Williams explores the context – politically, culturally and socially – of the movie's production, its narrative, gender politics and place in the subsequent social realist genre.

Insightful, authoritative and highly enlightening, this interview is the perfect accompaniment to the movie, allowing for a fuller appreciation of just how challenging Woman in a Dressing Gown was to the dominant portrayals of working class lives, and romance, at the time.

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An audio interview with producer Frank Godwin similarly explores the background to the movie's production, and his involvement with it. A stills gallery features some excellent behind-the-scenes and on set photographs and the original trailer rounds off a nice selection of extra features.

Reviewed on: 31 Jul 2012
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A middle-aged woman is shocked to discover that her husband, who seemed content in their marriage, is infatuated with a younger woman and plans to leave his family for her.
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Region: 2

Ratio: 1:33

Extras: Interview with Sylvia Sims, interview with Melanie Williams, audio interview with Frank Godwin, stills gallery & trailer.

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