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Reviewed by: Maria Realf

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Like the movie itself, the extras for WAZ are distinctly mediocre. If the film left you hungry for more – and frankly, that’s not likely – then you can check out a handful of deleted scenes, also available with commentary. Aside from a gruesome torture sequence that was hacked (excuse the pun) for being rather hardcore, the rest of these clips are uninspiring and uneventful. In fact, one was so short – at around 10 seconds of footage – that you couldn’t really call it a scene at all.

There are also interviews with members of the crew, including the director, producer and screenwriter, but while they occasionally offer up a few intriguing nuggets, at times you can’t help but wonder if they’re just talking for the sake of padding out the DVD extras. And the quality of the filming is low, making the whole feature look like it was put together by students (although, on second thoughts, that’s probably a bit harsh on students).

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The ‘Making of…’ footage fares slightly better, and if nothing else it’s interesting to see how the crew recreated a New York backdrop in Ireland in less than two weeks. The most entertaining extra, however, would have to be the Torture Featurette, which is short but sickly sweet. While you know full well the actors aren’t really being sliced up or having nails hammered into their fingers, it’s still fascinating to see how it’s all done.

If WAZ floats your boat, then you may also want to check out Se7en and Saw on DVD, both of which offer a superior take on the ‘psycho plays sick mind games’ setup. Just don’t watch them both before bedtime…

Reviewed on: 28 Aug 2008
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A detective caught in a battle of wits with a killer is forced to pay for his past failings.
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Region: 2

Ratio: 2.35:1

Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1

Extras: Making of, deleted scenes, cast and crew interviews, Torture Featurette

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