Warrior King 2

DVD Rating: ***1/2

Reviewed by: Jennie Kermode

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Unless you have a 3D home viewing platform, you're never going to capture the full experience of this film on the small screen, but most of it translates pretty well without suffering stylistically. A few sequences - notably the fight in the fire room - are problematic because the actors fail to stand out as well against the background, but there's still plenty to enjoy.

For martial arts fans, the DVD is a must-have, making it possible to watch individual sequences repeatedly and pick out everything that's going on. Whilst they're no less gripping if enjoyed simply as part of the film, these scenes are so fast paced that it's impossible not to miss things on first viewing, and the detail in them deserves attention.

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Alongside the film itself are interviews with all the major cast members, which - whilst the passion with which they extoll the virtues of the film is perhaps a little OTT - are full of interesting bits and pieces about how it was put together, including insights into character development and some great anecdotes about the stunt work. The other special feature here is not the usual behind the scenes documentary you might expect, but simply a series of cut-together snippets of stunts being set up - which is just fine, as it's both educational and entertaining. It also puts across just how much hard physical work went into making this, with performers literally throwing themselves into the action and then being called back for second and third takes. "Don't cry - men don't cry!" somebody shouts to an actor who is stumbling after having been kicked hard in the back. He smiles and makes ready to get back to work. The cameraderie on set is something we can see rather than just hear about. It's clearly a film made by genre fans for genre fans, and one of those DVDs that will never spend more than six months ignored on the shelf.

Reviewed on: 14 Sep 2014
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Kham finds himself the chief suspect in a murder.

Product Code: B00KN0C672

Region: 2

Extras: Cast and crew interviews; behind the scenes; subtitles.

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