DVD Rating: **

Reviewed by: Davros

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The film transfer is not of superb quality and has sound to match. However, it is good to see such an important film receive a DVD release despite the lack of polish to it's visual finish.

With its foreboding score transposed onto this cosy interview and an interviewer spouting with the most clipped of accents, Dirk Bogarde in Conversation is the only significant extra on this single disc release.

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From the décor of his home to his collection of Latin literature (they're just there to fill the shelves he quips) this interview expertly displays Bogarde's grounded charms. Over half an hour he charts his career - from an early life typecast in "on the run pictures" to his prominent rise to Hollywood stardom Bogarde remains critical of the lesser relished roles he has starred in - while maintaining the importance of recent release, Victim. Nicely intercut with choice film clips and featuring a surprise slobber-attack from Bogarde's colossal Mastiff - as promo interviews go this is definitely a cut above the rest.

Rounded off with an overlong Trailer and standard Image Gallery, Victim's collection of extras remain undesirable.

Reviewed on: 22 Jul 2006
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Damning revelations fill this forgotten Brit classic as a closeted lawyer tackles a group of blackmailers.
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Product Code: 7952428

Region: 2

Ratio: 1.66 Wide Screen

Sound: English - Dolby Digital (1.0) Mono

Extras: Theatrical trailer. Dirk Bogarde in Conversation – a 30-minute interview.

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