Train To Busan

Blu-Ray Rating: ****1/2

Reviewed by: Jennie Kermode

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Train To Busan

Sang-ho Yeon's epic zombie apocalypse adventure is great for home viewing Granted, it benefits from a big screen, so you shouldn't try watching it on your phone, but the way it's shot, with extensive use of cramped spaces, means it translates surprisingly well to television screens. It's supported here by the trailer for prequel Seoul Station, which will be available for home viewing in about a month, and a short clip from that film, both of which provide some context (cultural as well as immediate) for the events we see in Train To Busan.

Also present here is an enjoyable Making Of film which concentrates heavily on the actors involved in the film and on the stunt work (which they did themselves). Sang-ho Yeon, in his Frankenstein T-shirt, hands out flowers to cast and crew and thanks them "for shooting so well," promising that he in turn will do his best with the remainder of the film. Star Yoo Gong talks about how exhausting it has been physically, and we watch as several stunts are shot, with various minor accidents along the way, including one that prompts Sohee to try and slap the director, though they're both laughing as she does it. We see how the train was put together and how several key action sequences were filmed, and although there's little direct exposition there's quite a lot that filmmakers can learn from observation, especially when it comes to shooting scenes of panicking crowds. For everyone else, it will be fun to get a peek behind the scenes and enjoy the camaraderie that made the film work so well.

Copy picture Reviewed on: 21 Feb 2017
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A train journey is complicated by the presence of the living dead.
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Extras: The Making Of Train To Busan, sneak peek of Seoul Station, Seoul Station trailer

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