DVD Rating: **

Reviewed by: Gator MacReady

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On DVD the 1.78:1 picture looks as if it may have been shot with a DV camera. It takes nothing from the quality of the film, but only adds to the documentary style of Soderbergh's direction. The image is sharp and crisp and the stylized hues associated with the different locales have been transferred well. The bleak and the warm colours will no doubt please.

Adding more to the realism of the film, the DD 5.1 soundtrack is not aggressive. Whatever sounds are recorded on location are left that way and there appears to be no Foley, or sound effects at all (with the exception of gunshots and an explosion). Which is fine, considering the style and subject matter. The soundtrack is rather basic and simple but one assumes it's all part of Soderbergh's intent. The front speakers are the focus of this movie and it's not a disappointing effort, so don't get me wrong.

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One would expect commentary on such a highly praised movie, but there is none. Perhaps, in a future director's cut, there will be. Although Traffic runs about 144 minutes, the deleted scenes total about 25. They add more depth to the characters and to the plot, making this feature much more interesting than the B-Roll footage, which is boring.

A trailer is also included.

Reviewed on: 14 Dec 2001
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Traffic packshot
Multi-layered drama of drug trafficking in Mexico and the efforts of American undercover cops to curtail it.
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Product Code: EDV9107

Region: 2

Ratio: 1.78:1 Anamorphic

Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1

Extras: B-Roll Footage; Deleted Scenes; Trailer

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