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As well as offering optional English subtitles for the foreign language dialogue, it is also possible to watch Ken Loach's last third with subtitles (in case anyone should have trouble deciphering its broad Scottish accents). There are three screen-pages of notes, lifted straight from the press kit (none the worse for that), as well as the original trailer and bios of all three directors.

Best of all is Tickets x 3, a 55-minute Making Of featurette. Disappointingly, the Behind The Scenes footage that shows the three directors working separately on set fails to bring out much of a contrast between their working practices, but there is compensation in the scenes where they all appear together.

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In their first meeting, as they try to hit upon a concept for the film, Ermanno Olmi proposes the decidedly arthouse idea of each director starting with a different colour, only for the more down-to-earth Loach to declare such a notion "too abstract for me" and to suggest a more political conception rooted in the directors' different nationalities. Abbas Kiarostami keeps his views to himself, occupying a middle ground in much the same way that his section of the film falls between the other two.

Later, the three are shown together in the editing suite, each arguing for a different way in which a linking scene should be cut. "We need three keyboards," comments the editor wryly.

Reviewed on: 24 Apr 2006
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Three international film directors take a train to Rome and tell stories of love, loss and the beautiful game.
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Extras: Making Of documentary, production notes, filmographies, trailer

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