They Shoot Horses, Don't They?

DVD Rating: *

Reviewed by: Keith Hennessey Brown

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They Shoot Horses Don't They
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The print is largely free from scratches and specks, but seemed very grainy. With the exception of the credits, which are in the original 2.35:1 widescreen, the film is shown in a 4:3 pan and scan presentation.

The extras - original production notes, a page of trivia, and brief biographies of stars Susannah York, Jane Fonda, Michael Sarrazin and director Sydney Pollack - are minimal and in no way compensate for the poor presentation of the film itself.

Overall, Pearson Television's DVD release of They Shoot Horses, Don't They? is one to avoid. This may be a great movie, but the poor quality of the transfer detracts greatly from one's viewing experience and makes it all but impossible to accurately gauge the filmmakers' accomplishments fully.

Reviewed on: 31 Aug 2001
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They Shoot Horses, Don't They? packshot
Depression dance marathon drama.
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Region: 2

Ratio: 4:3 full screen

Sound: 2.0 Dolby Digital

Extras: scene selection, original publicity notes, film trivia, Susannah York and Michael Sarrazin biographies, Jane Fonda and Sydney Pollack biographies and quotes.

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